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Brick oven vs concrete!

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  • Brick oven vs concrete!

    Hey guys, Im trying to work out the best way to build this oven thing I want the best method of making a wood fire oven!

    In a way I reckon a concrete oven will be easier to do and I will be able to get a nicer shape? I have however read that brick ovens last alot longer and Im thinking if im already going to do this I want to do it properly?

    I hope im making sense and if anyone can tell me what they think is a better option for me it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Brick oven vs concrete!

    Concrete will crumble under repeated high temp cycles so forget about it.

    If you want to cast you will need to use a castable refractory, but be prepared to greatly increase the cost of the oven.

    Bricks are relatively cheap and easier to work with than large castings. Search this forum and you will find postings on cast ovens, but for the above reason, they are a minority.

    There are quite a few Ausies on the site who I am sure could help with local material sources.

    Do your homework, decide how you want to do it, roll up your sleeves, and then have some fun.
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      Re: Brick oven vs concrete!

      Firebrick is stupid expensive down under, for reasons best known to the Australians. Some have made their ovens out hard standard bricks known there as "pressed reds". A portland concrete dome? Don't do it. It won't work, and then you'll have to break up and pay to dispose of all that broken concrete.
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        Re: Brick oven vs concrete!

        thanks so much to both of you good to have a starting point! If i wanted to make a cast oven am I right in saying I would need fire proof cement or refractory cement (the proper stuff) ?


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          Re: Brick oven vs concrete!

          Yes, you need to use the castable refractory.

          Here are some castable posts.



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            Re: Brick oven vs concrete!

            Most people are building these with brick.

            Some are more comfortable casing something and are intimidated by the brick laying. Once you get into it, however, you will find the brick laying and cutting to be easier and more straight forward than you think.


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              Re: Brick oven vs concrete!

              I think if I were in Australia I would consider a Woody.
              Not being funny, I saw videos for their ovens. It appears they come in kits and finished ovens. Might be worth checking out, they look kinda cool.
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