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Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

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  • Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and glad to find so many people enthusiastic about food and clay ovens. From my experience this is not very popular in the UK at all.
    Anyway, I recently returned from a holiday in Cyprus where I stayed round somebody's house who had a clay oven in his garden. The bread just tasted fantastic I have since become a clay oven fan and would like to construct my own and have been doing lots of reading about it. But first thing's first, it cannot cost too much. I have just been quoted £2.61 per firebrick by Travis & Perkins. Anyone know if I can get firebrick cheaper in the UK and if so where from?

    Thanks all,

    NB: Anyone know how much an oven can cost to construct in £ pounds sterling (all the materials etc)? It might be cheaper to build a tandoor oven and have tandoori instead

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    UK bricks

    In noodling around on Ebay.co.uk, I am amazed by the different types of masonry and brick products inexpensively available. A quick look right now doesn't show any firebricks up, but I bet if you sent messages to some of the brick vendors, you would find a source of inexpensive firebricks.

    UK eBay masonry items

    And yes, a tandoor is inexpensive, and more efficient to fire, but you can't make pizza in it!
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      Try these guys http://www.yrpl.com/ or http://www.purimachos.demon.co.uk/fire-bricks.htm the first one are usually the cheapest depending on quantity and where you live


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        Thanks for that Alf. I am based in London - do you know of any places selling firebrick in London?



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          Sorry, don’t know of any one in the London area. Suggest you work out your quantities and give the boy’s yrpl a ring and get a quote. Try “refractory London” in Google



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            Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

            I'm just going to bump this one up as I think it's a current topic for at least one other Brit on here.



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              Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

              If you're not in a rush keep your eye open on EBay, I have seen very reasonably priced firebricks on there which have been reclaimed from Hop ovens and the like.

              They won't necessarily show up on a search for "firebrick" though, as it depends how they have been described. I would do a search for "brick" and limit it to the distance you're willing to travel to collect them.


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                Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

                Yeah, thanks - I have had a search going on for a while, but I agree that they are quite hard to find. Still, keep trying.



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                  Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

                  Handsworth Refractories - Refractory Products & Services Based in sheffield I picked up 40 bricks @ £2 each.

                  From other posts, you can knock them down to £1.20/£1.60 per brick depending on how much you're ordering. I picked mine up, but delivery is £30-70 depending on where you live.

                  For total cost: (brick eclosure and stand, firebrick hearth, barrel vault design 900mmx770mm hearth, 1200mm square enclosure)

                  I'm expecting it to come in at £500 +/- 10%
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                    Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

                    I'm hoping to only have to pay for concrete, rebar, mortar and vermiculite as I have managed to pick up some other stuff for free. I am going to use bricks from night storage heaters, though they are a different shape to normal bricks so it will be a bit of an experiment really!


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                      Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

                      Hi all

                      I've been hitting this problem for a while, and I'm looking at doing a bulk buy from one of the big suppliers, and then selling on at cost plus a little to cover expenses to UK builders.

                      Any indication of interested parties would be appreciated !




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                        Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

                        Sounds good - cheap, individual and recycling too!!

                        I've used B&Q for most of the easy to find stuff (if you open a trade account, you get free delivery).

                        Best value for vermiculite was travisperkins (~£7.50 + VAT for 100L).
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                          Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?


                          That's an excellent idea. If you want to go ahead with that, let me know, and FB can help with getting the word out. We can make a permanent posting on the Forum, and embed contact info for you in the Pompeii section of FB.com.

                          Let me know if we can help.
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                            Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?

                            Good idea, I am in Lincolnshire (not that far away) and would be most interested.
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                              Re: Where can I find firebrick in the UK?


                              I am interested if you can get them in the next few weeks. I also some posts on here where they have used firebricks for the floor and engineering bricks for the dome. But its not clear how this design copes with thermal cycling - does it stand up to it. I would prefer firebricks for the entire dome, but at £2 a brick its a bit pricey.