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stucco vs percrete

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  • stucco vs percrete

    Luckily I live an hour drive away from FB Marina showroom store in which i had purchased 2 boxes of FB blanket.
    So I used 2 boxes of the FB blanket to insulate my 36" brick dome.
    Its about 4 inches of insulation , now securely wrapped with chicken mesh in an igloo shape.

    This guy at the FB store told me that I can go ahead and use stucco right away to go over FB blanket?

    Or do i mixed perlite and portland cement to go over chicken mesh then apply stucco.

    Any response will be appreciated, thanks

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    Re: stucco vs percrete

    I put chicken wire over my blanket, then used vermicrete over that, and put stucco over the vermicrete. I'm dedicated to overkill on the insulation, what can I say!

    You'll have to have some kind of mesh to stucco over if you do it right on the blanket.



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      Re: stucco vs percrete

      I put 3 layers of the FB blanket, chicken wire and put the stucco right over the blanket. With the oven going at pizza temp, my dome is 5 degrees above ambient. If you have 4 inches of the FB you should be fine to stucco right on top.


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        Re: stucco vs percrete

        thank you guys
        i went ahead and apply an 2 inches of perlite and concrete
        then tommorrow apply the stucco