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Surface temperatures and wasted energy

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  • Surface temperatures and wasted energy

    Has anyone measured the temperatures achieved on the:
    1. outside of dome blanket.
    2. outside surface of dome brick.
    3. during firing and for some timed intervals after no fire.

    The reason I ask is because I was thinking about wrapping some stainless steel tubing around the dome and using a circulating pump to heat my pool.
    It might be a great heat exchanger during times when I wasn't concerned with heat retention for baking. Kind of like...cook a few pizza's then heat the jacuzzi. I could blow out the tubing when not in use. SS tubing is good for 1500 degrees fahrenheight. Use a simemple circulating pump for $50 and tubing is $75.

    All comments, thoughts, ideas, knocks, are welcome.

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    Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy

    I think this in-tub heater is the best idea.

    As for putting cooling tubes around your oven, I think there is no precedent, although people have talked about it.
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      Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy


      I'm still working on my dome, which seems to take me forever. Even wioth my canapy if I see rain I close up to protect my insulation board from getting wet. Here in FL there have been a bunch of weekends that seem to get wet this past winter. I will post photos when i get a chance.


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        Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy

        If you blew it out it shouldn't impair your heat loading/retention much and, if you didn't use it, should allow you to bake bread and/or stews/etc. I rather suspect the amount of heat you would recover would rapidly disappear in a pool however and the benefit might be mroe minimal than you think.

        Good Luck!


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          Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy

          Thanks for taking the time to write. At this point the idea is something I'm pondering and I will certainly take your comments into account when I finally make a descision.

          Thanks again, Bob


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            Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy

            pzachef, I am in WPB, FL. Any chance I can visit your build?


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              Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy

              I think thats not a bad idea. My Uncle, when he had his house built, had a fireplace installed in the basement. He instructed the builders to run the hot water pipe (thats how the house was heated in the winter) run through the fire place. This way when he burned wood in the fireplace it also heated up the water in the pipe thus reducing his home heating bills.
              HOWEVER, I do not believe that you would be able to heat up the water in your tubing fast enough to take advantage to SOLEY heat up the hot tub, but you might be able to heat it up enough to reduce the amount of time or fuel needed to run the primary heating source of the Hot Tube water.


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                Re: Surface temperatures and wasted energy

                I would be very nervous about running piping in my oven. If you do this, you're a braver soul than me. But, I would be very curious to see how it works.
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