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Oven Door

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  • Oven Door

    Hi All

    I share a back yard with my brother, who just put up a homemade fb oven. I wasn't able to contribute as much as I would have liked, but I did get an oven door made. My own design, after digesting this forum a bit, and some other sources. Check out the pics. comments/input welcome
    I like the BIG dial thermometer
    and the 'thermal break' in the door to avoid transmitting heat to the outer layer.
    It all came together quite nicely. the interior is calcium silicate 'block' which is actually 2" thick, and 1' x 3'. I glued it together with JB Weld, which is apparently heat stable to about 500 deg F.
    the oven side metal is 'cold rolled' steel, painted with BBQ paint
    the outside is stainless (a pretty penny at that!)
    Took a while to find the thermometer, but this one works beautifully. the probe was the perfect length. I had to buy a stainless pipe thread 'coupler' from Tacoma Screw to attach to the oven side. this holds the whole door together.
    all together this cost around $350, but I'm making up for missing out on the work to put the damn thing together (and what a project it was!)

    Happy Baking!
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    Re: Oven Door

    Nice contribution to the bro's build. Pretty thick insulation on the door. One suggestion, If you have not already given it thought. CaSi insulation in "not" food friendly so you need to cover the gap in the middle to protect CaSi particles from getting on the floor where your pies will be.


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      Re: Oven Door

      Originally posted by UtahBeehiver View Post
      CaSi insulation in "not" food friendly so you need to cover the gap in the middle to protect CaSi particles from getting on the floor where your pies will be.
      But you can eat it as its just calcium and silicon, not that you want mind.
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        Re: Oven Door

        It would not be considered "food safe" as the stuff is porous, but so are the hearth bricks and authorities seem to turn a blind eye to them, presumably because of the high temperature. If you are concerned about the safety of the cal sil board, look up the data sheet for the product you have and check the health and toxicity sections.
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          Re: Oven Door

          I stand corrected, I did look up the MSDS for CaSi board and it is more of breathing hazard than a ingestion hazard so get the Pepto Bismo out if you eat eat.........

          First Aid: Ingestion
          Product is not intended to be ingested or eaten. If this product is ingested, irritation of the gastrointestinal (GI)tract may occur, and should be treated symptomatically. Rinse mouth with water then drink plenty of water to help reduce the irritation. No chronic effects are expected following ingestion.