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Ceramic Blanket

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  • Ceramic Blanket

    A query...

    Can someone explain the finer points of ceramic blankets?


    1- What's the difference between ceramic blanket and body soluble blanket?

    2- What does the density change on a ceramic blanket? I.e. 68kg, 128kg, etc... (other than weight obviously?)

    3- For a 42" oven, how much blanket does one normally use?


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    Re: Ceramic Blanket

    1. Normal blanket (cheaper) is a class2 carcinogen ie it has produced cancers in rats but yet to record any in humans. Soluble blanket(expensive) has safe fibers as the are soluble when they sit in your lungs. How it stands up to moisture when curing is anyone's guess. Vermiculite and perlite are safer.
    2. The heavier (denser) blanket is a slightly better insulator, but not worth the extra expense IMO
    3. Calculate the outside surface area of your dome and add around 20%
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      Re: Ceramic Blanket


      Regarding the carcinogen - I've seen that on the board as well. My understanding is that this in only when cutting it; hence once embedded in an oven enclosure it shouldn't be an issue, right?

      I've found some body soluble blanket at roughly the cost of ceramic blanket (did I mention that prices in the UK are high?) so may go with the BS blanket... just worried it'll melt before I manage to put an enclosure on!



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        Re: Ceramic Blanket

        The problem is working with the blanket (or vermiculite, brick dust, etc).

        Always wear a respirator when working with this stuff (even one of those cheap allergy masks is better than nothing).

        You only get one set of lungs. Take care of them.
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          Re: Ceramic Blanket

          Ceramic Insulation
          Alumina-Silica insulating boards and blankets are the most efficient material available for pizza oven insulation. Heat resistant to over 2,300ºF, ceramic fiber boards and blankets offer extremely low thermal conductivity and are twice as efficient as Insulating Concrete based on either vermiculite or Perlite. Oven insulated with 100% ceramic insulation provide faster oven heat up and better heat retention, and use less space. Usually it is a 3 1inch blankets of insulation


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            Re: Ceramic Blanket

            Agreed that the blankets are better than vermiculite from an efficiency perspective - but what about the health aspects?

            In Europe, the use of CF is highly frowned upon - there is quite stringent legislation to ensure that they are sold as "death traps" pretty much. A stuff called (here at least) "body soluble" blankets is offered as a substitute - any idea how efficient that is?


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              Re: Ceramic Blanket

              Whilst Ceramic fibre is a possible carcinagenic product, testing on laboratory rats has shown that the rats have to be just about made to eat the CFB to have any problems. Yes, just wear a mask and cover any naked skin, as it itches like crazy. I have been in the refractory game for 30 years, and still yet to know of any person, even blokes who have been in the trade longer than me, to have any issues caused by CFB.
              Bio-soluble fibre is fine, its lower temperature rated to 1000c, but that wont cause any dramas in a WFO. Only thing to be wary of, it doesnt like moisture.
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                Re: Ceramic Blanket

                Originally posted by Spinal View Post
                Agreed that the blankets are better than vermiculite from an efficiency perspective - but what about the health aspects?
                I'm pretty sure it won't kill you for at least 4 years (and counting)
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                  Re: Ceramic Blanket

                  I've located a supplier of a product called 'Rockwool'. Much cheaper than anything else I've found. Does anyone know this product and is it suitable?


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                    Re: Ceramic Blanket

                    Originally posted by hungng View Post
                    I've located a supplier of a product called 'Rockwool'.
                    Rockwool is not ceramic blanket and will not have the insulating properties of ceramic blanket, Rockwool is only good in your ceiling to keep the heat in/out.
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                      Re: Ceramic Blanket

                      I'm sure other members have used rockwool. Don't know how it stands up to heat. If you do a search on the forum you might tap into other users experience.Perlite and vermiculite are manufactured in Mareeba, it might be a cheaper and more workable solution.
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                        Re: Ceramic Blanket

                        Originally posted by brickie in oz View Post
                        Rockwool is not ceramic blanket and will not have the insulating properties of ceramic blanket, Rockwool is only good in your ceiling to keep the heat in/out.
                        And Rockwool hates water.


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                          Re: Ceramic Blanket

                          My oven has 2 ins ceramic blanket then 4 ins Rockwool insulation over that.
                          The ceramic is the primary insulation as the rockwool could not take the heat as the primary insulation. Does it work as a secound insulation ...yes it does my oven holds it heat as well as any other oven. If you search for a thread called " Hi, new Asssie" you find a set of heat readings I did on my oven that will show the heat at the 2 insulation types on a pizza heat oven and a cooling one next day ready for a bake.

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                            Re: Ceramic Blanket

                            I have some extra ceramic fiber blanket I bought from Forno Bravo and I would like to use it to insulate a door. I have a concern of it being touched by the welder. Will it burn or catch fire by an open flame?


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                              Re: Ceramic Blanket

                              You can do the door in two parts. Sort of like a box of chocolate. The idea is that you weld them in two parts and afterwards fill with ceramic blanket and then bolt it shut.

                              I drew a little picture to hopefully make the idea more clear. This is how I did my door.
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