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Wrong Goods Sent

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  • Wrong Goods Sent

    Brickybrick Banned
    Last edited by brickybrick; 06-04-2012, 04:33 PM. Reason: Banned

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    Re: Wrong Goods Sent

    Can you shed some light of what happened? We know that Warren won, he waited and waited for his prize, he became vocal (I don't blame him), was banned, and sent the wrong prize.
    What was the reasoning for the ban, his comments?
    Was something found to not be kosher with his build and win?
    Exactly what was the prize he should have received? I don't have a dog in this fight, but I am a firm believer of fulfilling one's obligations. This FB distributor in Australia seems like a real POS. I'm tempted to buy his prize from a competitor or directly from GI Metals (FB does not have exclusive rights to their product line) and ship it to him, then let the entire pizza world know.
    This steams me, either we don't know all of the facts, FB isn't what it once was, or think it is.



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      Re: Wrong Goods Sent

      Brickybrick Banned
      Last edited by brickybrick; 06-04-2012, 04:34 PM. Reason: Banned


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        Re: Wrong Goods Sent

        My initial discussions with FB Australia had a lot to be desired, no real knowledge of ovens and refractories in general. The new agent doesnt seem much better. FB seem to have dropped their game a bit it appears. If a person wins a prize, it should be received via mail ASAP.Also, using someones photo and announcing them as winner but not getting their goodies until provoked, is a bit naughty.