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Need truth about home brew refractory

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  • Need truth about home brew refractory

    I live in the "sticks". Just returned home with a load of refractory HiCast only to find that it is no mortar. There goes a 6 hour drive and lots of $4 gallons. Can anybody tell me just how dissapointed or happy I'll be if I use the FB refractory mixture ratios using lime, fireclay, portland, and sand? Help!!

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    Re: Need truth about home brew refractory

    Two years on, and I'm quite happy with mine. I used a mix similar to the basic FB mix, with about 3.5:2:1:1 of sand, fireclay, cement and lime. Ask me in another 20, but I expect it will still be standing.

    It takes a little longer to cure fully, but it works pretty well. I did some looking into this same question a couple years ago when I was building, and discussed it here: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/28/r...html#post72280

    I say go for it, and best of luck!

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      Re: Need truth about home brew refractory

      I used the 3:1:1:1 homebrew for my oven. I don't have the long term result, but I was sold on the cost, workability, etc. Never used the premix, but my experience with the homebrew was all positive.


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        Re: Need truth about home brew refractory

        Just want to say "Thanks" for the info. I needed to be sold on a direction. It has taken me all summer to get to the dome, and I'm looking forward to doing it right. I read your thread you referred me to and am now comfortable with a homebrew. Thanks for your research!


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          Re: Need truth about home brew refractory

          Go with rodeair's formula!
          I used it 4 years ago on my 40"Pompeii with great results and no cracks even today. I would not use anything else!

          Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

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            Re: Need truth about home brew refractory

            I too use the 3:1:1:1 mix and have been well pleased with it. Cant go wrong. Just mix in small batches (for me - each # was a red party cup!.) You will need to play with the water as hydration will vary according to area. Down here in AZ, I used about 1 3/4 cups water per batch.

            Your mileage will vary.
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