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Used Firebrick

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  • Used Firebrick

    I have come across used firebricks for free. Only problem is that the corners are not square. Since I need to cut the firebricks in Half anyways can I use the new cut side facing into the oven so it would look nice and square? I know in the free directions is says to place cut side out. Not sure if this would break down the bricks faster or anything else that might affect the oven. I would still buy new bricks for the oven floor. Thanks for any help you can give as I need to decide if I want the bricks soon!

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    Re: Used Firebrick

    shouldn't make a difference in strength... just cosmetic.


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      Re: Used Firebrick

      This topic has been discussed previously and the consensus was that the 'factory' finish is really no better than a fresh-cut side. For pictures of an excellent build employing a fresh-cut interior dome see Les' Build.


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        Re: Used Firebrick

        Since bricks fire from the outside in, the outside tends to have a harder and more durable surface than the cut interior. In modern brick kilns that difference is minimal, but I'd still use the factory edge if I had it. That said, free is free, and a fresh cut edge would remove any nasties the brick had been exposed to it it's previous life. I'd go for it.
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          Re: Used Firebrick

          go for it, with the cut side into the oven. This surface is going to be coated with carbon anyway and after a few uses, who looks at the inside of their oven for aesthetics anyway!

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            Re: Used Firebrick

            I agree...Go for it the bottom half of my oven is made up of used bricks

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              Re: Used Firebrick

              Thanks everyone for responding. I went and got the bricks and some are chipped, but Not that bad. I counted them up and there were 260 full bricks and a few broken ones. I'm going to get new bricks for the floor so I should have more then enough when I start.


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                Re: Used Firebrick

                I agree with KraemerBac
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