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heat retaining bricks

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  • heat retaining bricks

    Hi I want to use the bricks from used domestic storage heaters,for the cooking floor of my new pizza oven .they are very heavy blueish in colour and measure approx 10" square .I hope for some advice they should be good at retaining heat ? ?

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    Re: heat retaining bricks

    What exactly is a domestic storage heater?

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      Re: heat retaining bricks

      Check with Jammy on the effectiveness of his oven using storage heater bricks:



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        Re: heat retaining bricks

        What exactly is a domestic storage heater?
        From Wikipedia:
        Storage heating
        Main article: Storage heater

        A storage heating system takes advantage of cheaper electricity prices, sold during low demand periods such as overnight. In the United Kingdom, this is branded as Economy 7. The storage heater stores heat in clay bricks, then releases it during the day when required.
        These are common in the UK, where electric heat is widespread.
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