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6" chimney

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  • 6" chimney

    Is anyone using a 6 " chimney? I made my door width smaller and i'm wondering if i can use a 6" and still get a good draw?



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    Re: 6" chimney

    I don't believe that the door width has anything to do with the chimney diameter.
    It all comes down to your oven size and the size of the fires required to heat it up in a reasonably short time. A 4" flue would be ok on a 42" Pompeii if you only had small campfires inside and it took 4 hours to heat up and not necessarily to the Pizza temperatures.
    Follow the FB plans and as they recommend 6" for the 36" oven and 8" for the 42". I personally would go 8" for both and only drop to a 6" for a small oven, say 32' or smaller if you don't want smoke coming out the front and staining your face entrance.

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      Re: 6" chimney

      It is the volume of the chamber that determines the diameter of the flue required. Also the depth ,width,and form of the entry. Like Neill said, follow the plans.
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        Re: 6" chimney

        Thanks, it is a small oven, so i'll check a fireplace shop nearby that is supposed to have Dura vent.



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          Re: 6" chimney

          Actually I use a 5" flue, but my oven is small (21" internal diam) It gives plenty of draw.
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            Re: 6" chimney

            The most important measure for a good draw is the height of the chimney and a gradual transition to the flue pipe. A 3m heigh,6" diameter will give a very good draw. A too short pipe will create poor draw even with a larger diameter.



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              Re: 6" chimney

              I built a 36" Pompei and used a 6" flue and it draws great. I think some of the capture issues is how you do the transition. There are some good pics on this forum that I copied. That may be the most important part to get a good draw.


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                Re: 6" chimney

                For me a brick arch is better. Try recessing your arch so that it catches all the smoke like i have.

                Its almost as good as having forced induction

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                  Re: 6" chimney


                  Thank you for the suggestion and the photos. Can you give me some size scale for the pictures, please? (What size brick did you use, and which bricks were cut by how much). I think I see cut marks that say the 'stepped up' transitional space at the top uses home-made half-brick splits.

                  Again, Thank you.



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                    Re: 6" chimney

                    My mother has two fireplaces in her home, one of which is in her bedroom in which she is using a 6 " chimney . It works very flawlessly and give heating.
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