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Insulation - top down or bottom up?

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  • Insulation - top down or bottom up?

    I have placed my blanket oven my dome and put the chicken wire in place. I have heard that the vermiculite concrete insulation is hard to apply and was wondering if i am better starting at the top and working down or start at the bottom and work up?

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Insulation - top down or bottom up?

    I wouldn't have been able to do it top down- I think you'll have to go bottom up. Just do it like a sand castle- wear gloves and pack it with your hands in layers going up. See my thread and you'll see the layers in the vermiculite!



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      Re: Insulation - top down or bottom up?

      Elizabeth is correct, I think it would be darned near impossible to go top down. It really doesn't like to stay in place; the chicken wire helps give it a bit of hold and working up gives you a base for each handful you slap on.



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        Re: Insulation - top down or bottom up?


        I did my vermiculite insulation "bottom-up" with a slight variation to avoid troweling on that weird stuff.

        I put some hardware cloth loosely around the dome (to provide added support for the vermic) then I built a crude form around the structure with foam board (from Office Depot) and duct tape. Then I poured the mixture in the form and gently tamped it down.

        After a few days it set up very nicely. I did a couple of test fires and the board never got warm, so I left it there.

        Here are the pics from my construction thread
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          Re: Insulation - top down or bottom up?

          Ditto - bottom up!

          Check out my pictures here:

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            Re: Insulation - top down or bottom up?

            Yep, bottom up is the only way to go. That is horrible stuff to try and keep in place. Got about 1/3 of it done last night and it seems to have dried ok this morning. I reckon that has got to be one of the least fun jobs of building a WFO?

            Thanks guys.