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  • Roof

    I am new at this, I have the oven done and been cooking. I need help on putting the roof on. Does anyone have any directions on how to do it. I put 4 inch block up so far now I need to put up a roof. Any suggestions would be welcome. I can ad a picture if needed.

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    Re: Roof

    Please post a picture and point us to some examples of roofs that might work for you.

    There are plenty of roof styles in the forum and some pretty detailed diaries of how they were assembled - I recall Marcel had some very good detail in his oven diary.

    Good luck!!!

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      Re: Roof

      Yes, need pictures to see what you have.
      Wade Lively


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        Re: Roof

        Here's my oven. I just put down the plate. I am not sure how to proceed. I want to put the roof about 6 inches above the dome. I am putting stone on the entire oven. Should I bring the roof in front of the chimney? I am new to all this so explain as much as possible. Thank you Ricky


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          Re: Roof

          Hi, Ricky,

          OK, it partly depends on what roofing material you are using. There are minimum slope requirements for asphalt shingles. Another consideration is that you may be a little close to the dome to use wooden rafters. The overhang is entirely a matter of choice. You could just hang the shingles an inch over the edge and be fine from a waterproofing perspective. Finally, you are supposed to be two feet above anything combustible chimney wise.

          Are you building gables at the end, and sloping on two sides?

          Here's what i'd do, but it's entirely unconventional. I'd build up triangular gables front and back with your decorative stone, then fill the entire void with vermiculite concrete. This would give you enough of a slope to nail non-combustible roofing to: Slate or tile if you are feeling flush, or raised-seam metal if it's a budget project.

          It's looking really good, by the way.
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            Re: Roof

            OK, now we know what you have. But you did not say what you want, does it need to match the house? What look do you want? Do you want an overhang over the front to shelter the opening? What materials? Ect...

            As DMUN says the code here is the same 2ft. But, being a freestanding outdoor "fireplace" and living in the county I was not required to follow code. You may want to find that out for your location. I don't think it is really needed due to the way the fire is used and exhausted, the embers just aren't there ( I watched mine burn at night to verify) but you should use class 3 roofing material to be prudent. My HOA did have a requirement that it match the house, so that pretty much limited my options as far as finished look.

            I like DMUN's idea on stone gables. The two sided gable roof is easy to build and I definitely like my overhang. I assume we are seeing a perlcrete covering on your dome. If it is, you can layer more insulation over it and use wood decking on metal trusses if you want shingles to match the house. My dome was 2 inches of perlcrete, 2 cermic blankets, loose layer of foil, then covered in loose perlite. With that no problems with wood decking.
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              Re: Roof

              I would like a overhang. The roof I am not sure yet, maybe metal, maybe terracotta. I will stone it all the way up, I have seen some pictures and they look nice. If I have to I will extend the chimney up a foot or two. I am going to use wood framing. Do I need to put foil around the dome before I put the loose vericulite? If so what kind of foil? I also am making my door out of solid oak, true 1 inch, two boards together, what should I use inside the sandwich, I was told foil also, I know I have to put foil or tin on the inside of the door, any suggestions.

              Hey thanks for the feed back


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                Re: Roof

                If you like overhang then definitely go with a gabled roof, gables on the end. You may need to raise the chimney, depending upon the pitch you choose, 3-12, 4-12, ect. Where 3-12 pitch means 12 inches of verticle height for every 3 ft in linear height. You will just have to use 2x4's held up at various pitches to see which one you like. Run your center and end beams over the landing for the overhang and I used 2 uncut sheets of decking which gave me a nice overhang all the way around.

                Need to decide on roof before building frame, because tile is heavy, so it will need a very beefy roof truss. Metal, shingles, ect are light and won't require as much support.

                If you already have perlcrete on the dome and as long as you have at least 1 ft of space from the current dome to the closest point of framing, then wood would probably be OK. OK, as long as you have multiple layers of insualtion to make sure no heat gets to it. You don't require foil, but with wood framing or roof I think it is good insurance as an added barrier and heat reflector. That is why I used it, it is layed loosly in sheets over the ceramic blanket. I layed it loosely to make sure it it doesn't trap moisture. Then before you put the roof decking on fill up the enclosure with loose Vermiculite or Perlite. I used the thick commercial grade of foil, found at Sam's or Costco.

                If I can email you any photos, let me know.
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                  Re: Roof

                  I Would Apprieciate Some Photos


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                    Re: Roof

                    Check your PM.
                    Wade Lively