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SS Chimney size ok ??? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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SS Chimney size ok ???

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  • SS Chimney size ok ???


    I bought an inexpensive 30 doller stainless steel pibe thats 40 inch and 5 inch wide - internal dimensions.

    Stovepipe Stainless Steel Flue 12.5cm Wood Overn Workshop Stoves | eBay

    Dont know if the the dimensions is to small :/ if so i will have to scout for another 1. no biggy though. What do you think ? I know its supposed to be atleast 6 - 8 inch - oh yeah, my build is a 37 inch.

    The plan is to make an igloo with the ss pibe, and a hood on top.

    Also bonus question, the piece that you put on your vent to attach the pibe, what is that called ??? i have searched the web for it. Maybe im blind. But i cant find it - only for big ass chimneys for houses etc..

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    Re: SS Chimney size ok ???

    Is it called a "Register Plate".

    I cant speak for the 5 inch chimney. I know there is a rule-of-thumb out there and Im sure it has been addressed a zillion times in this forum. I have an 8" square clay chimney (42 inch oven) and have no problems.


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      Re: SS Chimney size ok ???

      Hi Jeep!

      Thanks for comments, i have bought a 200mm / 8 inch'ish tube instead.
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