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dome cover

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  • dome cover

    in the photo gallery of residential ovens on page 16 of 35 there is a picture from the virgin islands that shows a dome cover which appears to have grape vines and grapes on it with rivets circling the bottom. looks very much like cast iron- anyone have any leads as to the history and/or the make-up of this cover. also looking for info as to where to look for the arc/landing/vent/cast iron door assembly of the ristorante 110- thnx much for any help on this two items

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    Re: dome cover

    It's polite to put in a link to what you are talking about.
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      Re: dome cover

      certainly not my intention to be impolite- i'll try again

      from the forno bravo home page at the top menu bar- click on photos
      from there click on residential ovens
      from there go to page 16 of the 35 pages
      on the top row there is a picture from the virgins islands which appears to be cast iron(?)- grape leaves and grapes(?) with rivets circling the bottom.

      home page again. top menu bar- click on photos
      click on commercial ovens and the pictures montecompatri,bargo tuscany, and aussie 1-9 show what appear to be the opening/arch/vent/landing/cast iron door of the ristorante line of ovens

      i will be constructing the 42" pompeii brick oven and would like to marry the ristorante 110 opening assembly with the pompeii oven with a dome cover somewwhat like the virgin islands dome- i am looking for any leads/help that would give me information regarding the material/construction of the dome and the availability of just purchasing the ristorante 110 opening- thnx much for any feedback on these two items


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        Re: dome cover

        It's best and easier for the readers if you posted the actual photo or at least provide a direct link to the photo:

        Pizza Oven Photo Virgin Islands
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          Re: dome cover

          2 possibilities:

          1. A sugar pot, although I have never seen one that was decorated.

          2. Carved in place Stucco.

          I would bet #2.


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            Re: dome cover

            That V.I. oven is impressive, I love the detail. It almost looks like a pre-cast mold of some kind, very curious.


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              Re: dome cover

              I wonder if the exterior is 'cob art'? It looks like it has the ability to be shaped however you want. I would have to agree that the Virgin Islands dome looks like someone had some skill.
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                Re: dome cover

                Here's one more... this is the one I knew I had seen pics of before. Quite the craft.
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                  Re: dome cover

                  Thanks for posting, that was very interesting and such talented group.


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                    Re: dome cover

                    Go to this link. Steve gives some instruction on carving concrete while its still green. May be of interest to you.

                    Good luck with your oven rj

                    Those certainly are some examples of unique oven art.
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                      Re: dome cover

                      rj, here is the link Pizza Oven Photo Virgin Islands
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