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Chimney and Rain

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  • Chimney and Rain

    Even though I built/assembled my casa 90 myself I just had a mason do the finishing work. The whole oven is covered in stone but at the chimney portion he added a square 10/12"? x 2 feet long clay looking thing to put my chimney pipe in with the chimney cap just above the top.

    I don't have a picture right now, but I see an oven on the fornobravo site that looks like it might have had the same problem:

    The problem is that rain can come into this square item since the cap is circular. Anyone have any solutions for this? He is coming back tomorrow to get paid so he may have some suggestions, but I wanted to know if others had the same problem.

    Also, I have always had a tarp over my oven since it was finished until now. The mason said the stone finishing is solid and I do trust him. Will the oven door really keep out all rain - even a heavy rain - and what about snow. Should I be protecting my oven more in the winter?


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    The chimney cap that your mason installed/built should keep rain from working its way down the chimney stack. That is one is its main functions. Here is a photo of a DuraTech chimney cap that is much wider than the pipe.

    A small amount of water on the vent landing isn't terrible (it is pretty much unavoidable), though you don't want enough water where it can work it's way into the cooking floor. Also, as long as your door is closed, the rain is only landing on the vent floor, not inside the oven. What does the landing in front of your oven look like? Can it be sealed in any way to repel water?

    In the bigger picture, as long as your enclosure is water tight, which it sounds like it is, you are in good shape. I've cooked many times in a Casa90 in the snow, and it performed admirably.
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      Thanks James. I do have the DuraTech chimney cap from Fornobravo with the pipe. The problem has to do with the enclosure around it. I think some simple flashing will fix the problem.


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        Arthur, I'm not certain that I understand your problem exactly, but maybe this will help:

        I stopped my project for the season with my chimney assembly still open at the top. Mine's framed and covered with backer board but sounds similar - the round flue pipe comes up the center of a square chimney body.

        What I did was to fold up a large rectangular chimney cap from a 24" square piece of sheet metal. It has a hole in the center that just clears the flue pipe and a small rim around the edge that fits over the outer walls. I did mine quickly, with little experience with sheet metal work and few tools. It's fine for holding me over for the winter and with more time and care could have been fine for permanent use. A conventional round chimney cap covers the flue pipe itself.

        I have no pictures but I can take and post a couple, and basic instructions, if it would help.



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          Thanks Alan. I need to take a picture of mine. It should just be some flashing or cut out metal to protect the open areas.


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            I have a similar setup. I used a duratech chimney pipe, but did not use a duratech chimney cap. Instead, I put a flat stone over the top of the entire chimney. It overhangs the chimney enclosure, so it keeps the rain out pretty well.

            I don't know if that would work with your design, but it works for me!

            My Oven Thread:


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              Thanks for the responses. The mason I used to finish the outside of the oven actually just used some basic cement around the open areas and it seems to have done the trick.