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CF Blanket and Render

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  • CF Blanket and Render


    I was hoping some advice for the following problem.

    I wrapped my dome in cf blanket yesterday and then coated it with render. I didnt use chicken wire or anything and today when it has dried it has turned kinda brittle and breaks easily when touched. I'm presuming that i will have to take it down and re-lay the blanket using chicken wire?

    Or could i get away with putting another coat of thick render on it to try and bulk it up?

    Cheers Ross

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    Re: CF Blanket and Render

    or could i put a coat of concrete on it and would that strenthen it enough?


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      Re: CF Blanket and Render

      Be patient. Someone will answer soon enough. You are so close to being done. I envy you. Good luck.



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        Re: CF Blanket and Render

        Chip it off and apply chicken wire first. The blanket isn't a good substrate for a stucco product. The wire gives the stucco something to bind with and also acts as reinforcement. Your final product will be more rigid and you'll get a better finish on it if you go with the wire.


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          Re: CF Blanket and Render

          Chip it off and apply chicken wire first.
          Why chip it off? it's there already and removing it will just pull off handfulls of insulation. Unless you have a real space problem, I'd just use what's there as a support for your wire armature (hardware cloth is a lot stronger than chicken wire) and move on.
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            Re: CF Blanket and Render

            Good point. The thought of pouring concrete on an bad subtrate sounded not too nifty. I like your idea of putting a stronger lath over it and recoating better than chipping it off.