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Stucco mix question

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  • Stucco mix question

    I picked up masonry cement to be used for my stucco mix at Home Depot b/c I saw a sign that read "use masonry cement for stucco" there. After getting home, everything that I have read says to use a mix of portland cement, hydrated lime and sand--the mix varies based on the different layers, but portland cement is always a constant.

    The two things that I like about the masonry cement is that 1) I have it and 2) it is lighter in color so will likely take the added cement color better. I have NO experience with stucco, so will using masonry cement give me as much strength and durability as portland cement?

    Thanks for all suggestions!!


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    Re: Stucco mix question

    Masonry cement is either a blend of portland/lime or a blend of portland and other ingredients that work like lime. It is fine to use to make stucco.


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      Re: Stucco mix question

      Thanks--do you think I should then lessen the amount of lime used or just omit that from the mix completely?


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        Re: Stucco mix question

        Originally posted by czaunb2 View Post
        Thanks--do you think I should then lessen the amount of lime used or just omit that from the mix completely?
        If you are talking about the type S mortar they sell at H.D. I think it is good right out of the bag. Lime is nasty stuff, avoid it if possible.


        If I can jump on the stucco bandwagon, I have a question also...

        I have about a 3/8 inch layer of stucco on our oven and walls (block). The mix is:

        1 part white portland
        1/4 part lime
        4 parts masonry sand
        Buff color from Lowes

        I went ahead and colored the brown coat thinking that if in the future I had some peeling there would be color behind the finish coat.

        It turns out that it was very time consuming to apply the stucco.
        Can I just leave it the way it is with one coat?????

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