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2g 100 losing heat

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  • 2g 100 losing heat

    Looking for some help out there...

    I built my Casa 2g 100 last year with a stucco dome finish. I had about 6 good fire ups with high heat pizza cooking and fairly good residual heat the next day. The last 4 or 5 heatings have been disappointing though. I know that my fires have been strong and I am using good wood, but the oven will not get hot. I have also noticed that the outside of my dome has gotten progressively hotter. It is reaching close to 170 at some points. Obviously I am losing heat, but I am not sure what has changed.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and can maybe offer some advice?

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    Re: 2g 100 losing heat

    I'd say your insulation is damp. Have you had lots of rain on it? Some long and gentle fires will fix this problem.If you haven't had lots of rain on it, check to make sure that no irrigation is nearby and water has wicked its way into the oven. Also check that it has not developed a crack between the outer dome and the supporting slab. This is often where water can enter. Another area is around the flue, it may need more sealing up.
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      Re: 2g 100 losing heat

      Thanks for the response David.

      We have had a fair amount of rain this year, but i don't how the insulation would have gotten wet. I think everything is well sealed. The dome is covered in stucco and well coated in a rubberized stucco paint. I checked and there are no gaps along the slab either.

      Any other thoughts?


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        Re: 2g 100 losing heat

        Do you sense your cool oven is a cool dome or a cool hearth?

        Is your dome clearing in a reasonable period of time? If so your dome insulation is probably mostly dry. Wet dome insulation will also give itself away by making the dome hot to the touch. You can somewhat compensate for a cool dome with a bigger fire so you get more radiated heat from the flame.

        Are the pies browning on the bottom as they should? If not your hearth is almost certainly wet. Do you have a ledge extending out beyond your dome? It could be soaking your hearth. Ditto water coming down your chimney onto your landing.

        Issues like these are why I plan to convert my igloo to a roofed design.

        Good Luck!


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          Re: 2g 100 losing heat

          Fire brick and castable are quite porous and tend to get moist just from the atmosphere during rain. Also rain may be getting in your entry. The remedy is more firing, just start using your oven more and it should dry out.
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            Re: 2g 100 losing heat


            We here at Forno Bravo would recommend doing the curing process again to drive out any moisture that may have got in the oven during the rainy season and double check that your oven is sealed well.