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What Happens When You Close The Door

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  • What Happens When You Close The Door

    Let's say you have a small fire going when you're curing (350 degrees). If you close the door to the oven blocking the air. Will the temperature of the oven go up at all? Or will the fire be starved and go out quickly leaving the temp at 350.

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    Re: What Happens When You Close The Door

    Hi Dave,

    I have not conducted that experiment, but I would expect the fire to slowly die away from lack of O-2, and the oven to slowly loose heat.



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      Re: What Happens When You Close The Door

      depending on how well your door seals, it should starve your fire and cause it to smolder rather than burn. many doors don't have efficient 'seals' and leak considerable air into the dome. This would allow the fire to burn, albeit slowly and produce much more smoke.
      This is what you would need to achieve if you were to smoke and cook.

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