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Using a fire basket to get things going

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  • Using a fire basket to get things going

    Thought you might like to see this:

    It's a fire basket, and I'm hoping that by keeping the kindling/etc elevated that a good fire can be got going, and then I can hopefully push the entire flaming pile to the back/side of the oven where I can then pile on logs.

    P de D

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    Re: Using a fire basket to get things going

    HI P de D
    with all that paper and kindling, why the need for the firelighters?
    Not a bad setup but I wonder why it is needed as I never have problems getting my fires going well and smokeless in well under 5 minutes.
    I can't say for the first few fires but one soon learns.
    I lay my kindling up on 2 x 3 legged steel supports to ensure that plenty of air can get in and around the fire and stuff the paper under the kindling. Light it with a match and then start laying the dried heavier kindling, larger split wood until it is roaring and then the larger logs.
    Once the oven is ready for cooking, I pull the glowing red supports out, spread the coals around the floor, get my pizza bases ready then push the coals to the side, sweep the hearth and cook away.

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    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

    Neillís Pompeiii #1
    Neillís kitchen underway


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      Re: Using a fire basket to get things going

      Hi Neill

      I guess I'm concerned about having a false start, so went for the firelighters as well, You're right though, the next time I'll do without them.

      This is really only my third big fire. So still learning.

      I'm using this occasion to take proper temp measurements. I have three voen thermometers in various place around the oven, and want to monitor heat loss over a period of time.

      I digress somewhat.

      I'm off out this second to check on things! Real time wfo!

      P de D


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        Re: Using a fire basket to get things going


        I have been baking since May in my pompeii oven-- i have the best luck using an $18 ACE hardware grate, doing a top down fire (search the forum, plenty posted about them), using 4-5 pieces of wood, split small, which were placed in the warm oven after the last burn, and using a $10. propab]ne blowtorch to light the well dried wood.

        no paper, false starts, and a minimum of smoke.

        after heating the oven i push the grate to one side with the coals and it makes it easy to add the maintanence logs while baking the pizzas and such.
        Lovin my Oven

        Ben Ciliberto, Doylestown Pa

        Oven Pics Link- http://picasaweb.google.com/bciliber...OfTheTwoHearts


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          Re: Using a fire basket to get things going

          Well, I have cooked roast chicken tonight, and it's gone well. Glad I used the firebasket, I'm sure it helped me out.


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            Re: Using a fire basket to get things going

            A few more pictures for ya:


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              Re: Using a fire basket to get things going

              ... and finally....


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                Re: Using a fire basket to get things going

                Well, I thought that was the Christmas dinner, but looking at the date, I'm not so sure!

                Anyway, I have used the fire basket a few times for this purpose, but also as a straight forward BBQ.