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Is Hickory a good wood choice

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  • Is Hickory a good wood choice

    my local supplier is out of Oak and is selling Almond and Hickory.
    Has anyone used Hickory? Would you recommend

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    Re: Is Hickory a good wood choice

    Should be fine, it is a hot burning wood...Almond too...
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      Re: Is Hickory a good wood choice

      Hickory is a good choice, burns just as hot (if not hotter than oak), in my opinion. I saved all the small pieces and chips to use for smoking.



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        Re: Is Hickory a good wood choice

        Originally posted by Richard View Post
        my local supplier is out of Oak
        I found it funny that you live in Thousand Oaks. Looks like you need to change the name of your town!
        Mike - Saginaw, MI

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          Re: Is Hickory a good wood choice

          I burn Hickory and love it!

          Smells good too!

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            Re: Is Hickory a good wood choice

            Originally posted by mfiore View Post
            I found it funny that you live in Thousand Oaks. Looks like you need to change the name of your town!
            There are many more than a thousand oak trees in Thousand Oaks... but they are protected and they can't be cut down. In fact, I think fallen wood from them can't even be collected. I didn't notice the irony until you pointed it out -- quite funny, isn' t it!


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              Re: Is Hickory a good wood choice

              We have a similar situation here with the Greenies as well. You now even need to get approval to clear a new fence line where tree removal is required. We also are not permitted to collect fallen wood as it would remove small creature habitats.
              A very dear friend of mine was a timber cutter from the age of 11 to when he retired at 67 years (he is now 75 years) so he knows all about it, was contracted to cut every second row of a 75 year old experimental timber lot in the Mid North of South Australia, the millable timber was to used for layering the steel from Whyalla steel works in the ships holds. He was not to use the remnants/firewood but to be left for mulch with in the plantation.
              The local Greenies were quite detructive in letting his loader tyres down continuously but he persisted by leaving the loader 4km away at a farm. This created a dilemah as he would have to park the truck, ride a pushbike to the farm, collect the loader and drive it back. The opposite senario when he wanted to leave.
              Well, each time he went back to cut and load another 15 tons, all the 'firewood' timber offcuts/tops were gone. Collected by the greenies and removed.
              The tree stumps regrew within 2 years and were growing fast to compete for the sunlight when the Greenies contacted him to as when he was going to cut out the other remaining trees as the regrowth was growing so well, and attracting a new bird life to the area.
              We even had to cut a huge hollow redgum down that was used by local aboriginies for shelter several hundred years ago before legislation came in to prohibit the removal of even dead trees.
              Our firewood now is cut and transported some 600 to 800 km away and selling for $280 + per ton.

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