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Wood Question...

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  • Wood Question...

    Hi gang - I have a quick question...I don't really have much nearby as far as wood, so I buy from a local supplier. They sell bagged wood (2 cubic feet) for $20 per bag (tax included). That's the best price I've found locally.

    Last couple of fires I had bought what they called "pizza oven" wood. I don't remember what kind of wood it actually was...it worked, but it burned up pretty fast and gave off a lot of smoke. I'm going again this weekend to stock up, but I'm getting different wood.

    My question is this: Given they're all the same as far as price, which of the following would you recommend I go with?


    I'm used to using small splits of Apple, Cherry, Oak, and Hickory for my reverse-flow smoker, but I only use them for smoke in that...the heat is provided by charcoal. These woods all seem to be rated somewhat the same as far as long burn times, clean burning, and high heat output.

    I realize opinions will vary from person to person, but I just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks!

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    Re: Wood Question...

    All the same price? No brainier if you look at btu yeild....Hickory first, then Apple or oak.

    I would take apple, though because it's an awesome overall fuel.
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      Re: Wood Question...

      Thanks for the reply! Yep...$20 per bag for all those I listed. I'm not familiar with the BTU levels so much, but trying to learn. They have comparison charts on their site to kind of help guide. I was leaning toward pecan (they say pecan and hickory are very close as far as heat output, length of burn, etc.), I think mostly because I've never used it before...never smoked with it either. I love apple wood...it's my go-to when I barbecue, but I've never outright burned it. I'm not used to thinking of wood this way. Much different from using it in the smoker...there it goes mostly by what imparts the best flavor.

      Thanks again!


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        Re: Wood Question...

        I use oak exclusively - but mainly because I have a 2-3 free supply from a huge oak tree that fell on my property! Contact your local tree felling company - you'd be surprised how often they have customers that want to get ride of trees and don't want or need the wood


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          Re: Wood Question...

          $20 for 2 cuft !!!! Yikes! That is $1300/cord !

          I have used many of these woods all are nice......

          Hickory has the highest BTU rating, but honestly I don't think any WFO person could notice any difference.

          Hickory burns hot but is very hard and has a very strong grain, which makes it very difficult to cut or split. (if you are buying bags, it doesn't really matter)

          I prefer cherry and apple, only because it gives off such a nice, warm aroma when burned. Once your fire is going strong, you shouldn't smell anything since you are getting nearly full combustion of the wood. I heard pecan also gives off nice aroma. ITs nice to have some good smoking wood around if you ever want to play around with smoking.

          Not sure, but I have heard that you need to be careful with hickory and pecan if someone nearby has a severe tree-nut allergy.

          Oak rocks! Great all-around wood. Burns hot, splits easy, stacks nicely, and is easy to find (at least here in PA).


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            Re: Wood Question...

            Originally posted by jeeppiper View Post
            $20 for 2 cuft !!!! Yikes! That is $1300/cord !
            Oy! I hadn't thought about that! I guess buying small bags at a time I don't notice it...but I don't have anywhere to store that much wood. Thanks for the replies...looks like I can't really go wrong with any of them.