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my new pizza prep table

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  • my new pizza prep table

    i built this outdoor pizza prep/serving table from remnant materials. Its
    rolls on four locking casters. The countertop is 1.5 inch concrete cast
    upside down and reinforced with rebar.(remnants of the oven build)

    Weight of the concrete countertop slab is just shy of 120 pounds. Weight of
    the entire rolling table is shy of 200.

    All materials are recycled,repurposed, remnant or scrap.
    The two collapable wing extensions are resawn oak from pallets.
    Finished with a simple 1/2 roundover.
    The drawers ride on full extension glides salvaged from a retired office desk.
    The entire project was an experiment in conservation/green building.

    Estimated cost is under 20 dollars. I just need to decide on a stain/finish
    and then make some more pizzas to celebrate.

    My goal was to create a large work surface to take the entire pizza making process (and associated mess) out of the kitchen.

    12.19 square feet of counter-top work area
    7920 cubic inches of storage.

    more pics here...
    Gallery | pizzatable

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    Re: my new pizza prep table

    Very cool. I'd love something like that. Nice use of extra materials!
    Mike - Saginaw, MI

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      Re: my new pizza prep table

      That's looks great - the mobility of it is particularly appealing, particularly where space around the oven is limited...

      I usually work in the kitchen and carry the prepared pizza out to the oven (invariably drop flour on the lounge floor along the way). My wife is NOT pleased ...

      / Rossco


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        Re: my new pizza prep table

        That was one of the goals of the table. I've gotten good at mixing up dough balls without much of a mess, but when it comes to stretching dough and making pizza, it looks like the flour tornado blew through.
        I'll be able to build pizzas outside now and keep the prep mess there.


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          Re: my new pizza prep table

          That mobile bench is a great idea! Very nice craftsmanship too.

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            Re: my new pizza prep table

            Nice table. I've found that the free-standing outdoor wfo really does need a side table for pizza making. I mulling around ideas like yours too.
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              Re: my new pizza prep table

              Very nice! I need one of those. Makes me wish I had the tools to do my own countertop polishing.
              - Daren
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                Re: my new pizza prep table

                looks great and a great green project,,, Thanks for helping the planet



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                  Re: my new pizza prep table - stained and tested

                  Here's how the table looks now. Applied some stain and sprayed some clear lacquer over it.

                  One thing I noticed is since the pizzas are made and immediately thrown into the oven there is less chance of the pies sticking to the peel. I seem to stretch really thin pies (300g into 12 inch pies) and sometimes I get a stuck pizza because the sauce has soaked through the thin dough gluing it to the peel. Now I can build a pizza seconds before it goes in the oven. Less time for the pie to stick.

                  but the biggest advantage is no more mess in the kitchen.
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                    Re: my new pizza prep table

                    Great looking set up and that table turned out nice.

                    When eventually done, my wfo will be located at least 100 feet away and a flight of exterior steps down from the our kitchen exit. A table like this would definitely come in handy.

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                      Re: my new pizza prep table

                      "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

                      "Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal." -Mike Ditka


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                        Re: my new pizza prep table

                        Great looking concrete counter top. Any hints on what you do differently to get the color and nice smooth finish on top?

                        I have been planning a corner install with work surface on both sides of the oven. Initially I was thinking about finding some granite or other material for the sides, but now you have me wondering about doing a nice concrete counter top on the sides if the technique is not too difficult.
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                          Re: my new pizza prep table

                          Originally posted by tfasz View Post
                          Great looking concrete counter top. Any hints on what you do differently to get the color and nice smooth finish on top?
                          The countertop is easy compared to building a brick oven. Since its poured upside down the top and sides are finished as smooth the mold surace.
                          I placed the mold ontop of two sawhorses. I placed a pencil under one corner and rock and vibrate the mold. I mixed a fairly dry mix. Dry time was one week.

                          I used a sand sand sand cement (3:1) mixture which worked great.
                          The rebar was welded in a tic tac toe pattern.

                          I dont have any other hints. Just go for it. Its inexpensive and fun.


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                            Re: my new pizza prep table

                            I somehow missed this when you put the pictures up.

                            I have a work table made from cedar trees cut down on our property and toped with recycled cedar fencing. My table is bigger but not better!

                            Nice Job! Well Done!