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Help needed lining a smoker with firebrick

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  • Help needed lining a smoker with firebrick

    Greetings All,

    In addition to my 42" Pompeii build, my outdoor kitchen plans include a built-in rectangular smoker (54"lx33"wx38"h) that utilizes a removable round steel firebox.

    My initial plans call for a 2 1/2" steel-stud box frame with 1/2" cement board on either side and insulation (blanket?) inside. I would then mortar 9x4.5x1.25" 'splits' to the inside walls of the smoker.

    Question #1: Do you forsee any problems mortaring the firebrick splits (like tile) onto the cement board interior? I plan to use refractory mortar.

    Question #2: Will the concrete board (Hardibacker) hold up to temperatures up to 250degF?

    Question #3: Would it be smarter to build an internal wall of 2 1/2" firebrick and insulate accordingly outside? I understand it is not wise to stagger bricks layed in a vertical fashion. How would a sturdy wall be properly constructed?

    This whole exercise was born from my current smoker that is regularly too small and that leaks heat from it's thinnish metal walls. On a recent trip to the local county fair I saw a vendor who had lined his smoker with firebrick splits.

    All help/advise greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Help needed lining a smoker with firebrick

    I lined an old fireplace with firebrick splits, the firebox was small to begin with, and I didn't want to loose much space. They were, however, mortared to a solid common brick structure with heat-stop, except where there were big gaps which I backfilled with ordinary mortar. It's held up well, but it's only been used with gas logs, so it's not subjected to raging flames. I don't know how splits would work stuck to masonry board.
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      Re: Help needed lining a smoker with firebrick

      Thanks for the timely response, David. When construction time comes, if I'm not completely comfortable with using masonry board for the inside walls I will cast a 'low-temp' 1" wall using portland and fireclay and either mortar the splits to it or forgo the splits altogether.



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        Re: Help needed lining a smoker with firebrick


        You can also check some of the pottery forums. They discuss building kilns and you may get some ideas from them.


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          Re: Help needed lining a smoker with firebrick

          Thanks Neil. Good idea!