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Showy Outdoor Kitchen

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  • Showy Outdoor Kitchen

    It's finally complete. Four years in the planning and now ready to use. In the photos attached you'll see the plans and the start of the framing. The flex track made quick work out of the curved walls. The extra framing under the WFO will also create the "wood storage cave". The walls were made from another product called PermaFlex. I'll post more photos of the build in the next post...

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    Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

    We went with stucco on the walls to match the house. The vents in the back are for the Traeger built-in. The Traeger will be placed on the far left. This will keep it out of the wind we get here. Small storage under the Traeger is for the wood pellets. The other areas will hold a three drawer with paper towel holder unit, garbage pull out and fridge. The circular shape on the far right will hold a Primavera 70. The curve to the wall allowed us to pick up the electric and natural gas we plumbed their 4 years ago. (the kitchen plans went through some dramatic changes in that time) Finally the granite, inserts and Traeger are installed.


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      Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

      We're ready to place the FB Primavera 70. The blue tape shows me where it should land and be centered. After getting the crate off the oven we find that it's sitting on a one inch piece of styrofoam. This would create a problem to get straps under it except I'm now known as a world class forklift operator. We rented a shooting boom forklift to get this around to the back of the house. First we put one of the forks from the lift under the oven and through the foam so we could pick up the back side. Then we're able to get the straps under and drive this around to its final resting place. Once we lowered the oven onto the granite we used the 3-1/2 inch thick ice blocks to allow us to remove the straps. The oven was very easy to move around with the four ice blocks supporting it. When the ice melted the oven was in the planned spot and we won't have to worry about moving it ever again. After five days of curing fires the cooking has begun. I shouldn't have waited those four years to get this done!


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        Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

        Good going. There are several ways of doing this and logistics can alter the method used. Good job and your outdoor kitchen looks great. Check out these recipes for your culinary expertise. Enjoy. Cooking with wood Homemade pizza dough


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          Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

          Looks brilliant - but won't the granite crack?


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            Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

            Asimenia, Strange you should say that. If the framing and prep work are perfect then the granite should be okay between the framing below and the oven above. However, nobody's perfect and the oven is not truly flat on the bottom. We did develop a crack that was repaired and then recracked in the same spot. I'll keep you posted on what we end up doing to fix the granite. I did get a great idea from the manager at the granite store... He asked why we didn't just cut a hole out of the granite (like they would do to install a sink in a kitchen) and let the oven rest on the framework. The bottom edge would have had a more finished look and we would have put no stress on the granite.


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              Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

              A sheet of neoprene rubber 2x as thick as the largest imperfection on the bottom of the oven will also prevent it cracking, then just trim it to fit.


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                Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

                I asked because I also have granite in my (non-showy) indoor kitchen and marble around the fire place (typically Greek style) and I remember the asking the guy who installed the granite this - and he said extreme heat or extreme cold could make it crack. If you have a circle cut out - why not fill it with a better heat resistant material - and use the circle for a 'showy' place to cut pizzas???


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                  Re: Showy Outdoor Kitchen

                  Sorry to hear about the cracking issue, great looking outdoor kitchen and vistas.
                  Love the granite light and dark tones.
                  My Build - http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f51/...ide-19729.html
                  My Door - http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/9/sh...tml#post170496

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