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block outdoor fireplace - insert material???

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  • block outdoor fireplace - insert material???

    I'm building an outdoor fireplace that will use
    a propane fire log and want to make my own
    ventless insert, the rest of the fireplace will be 7 x 14 x 3 1/2"
    question is since this will put out less heat what are my options for building the insert?
    regular brick with high temp mortar?
    or do I still have to go with firebrick?
    thanks in advance

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    Re: block outdoor fireplace - insert material???

    I would stick with the firebrick.... there really is no reason to use anything else. They make firebrick in the cream color as well as red and the cost is about the same as "regular" brick. You can use red clay brick....just make sure it is truly red clay. You want to avoid using concrete brick and pavers....they cannot handle heat.


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      Re: block outdoor fireplace - insert material???

      Just pointing out that pressed clay pavers make a great oven as the pavers are of a higher density that most commons. There is a few ovens in Aust that have given good service that have been made of these. As you rightly said..no cement and there are a lot of cement pavers out there.
      Just saying ...... Firebrick is $5 ea in Aust and $7 ea in New Zealand so pressed clay pavers at 50c ea are an affordable option.
      Regards dave
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        Re: block outdoor fireplace - insert material???

        I guess I sometime forget how fortunate (i.e. spoiled) I am.....Firebrick here is about $1 apiece...same price for clay brick.