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Fireplace in my extended vent landing area

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  • Fireplace in my extended vent landing area

    I had to extend my vent landing area to 21 deep to account for a number of planning flaws. Since my inner arch is only 10 1/2 high ( I forgot about the 2 inch shiplap fire tiles I used for the oven floor), I wanted a flared vent landing to be able to comfortably work the oven, so I am 35 in wide from inside of outer arch to inside. Now, I believe that if I had a stainless steel door to cover the inner arch, that I could use the vent landing as a fireplace when I wished. I am currently thinking about my vent floor. Since I have a 1/4 inch heat break all around the arch and floor, stuffed with insblock 19. I could use a real pretty granite or stone of some kind or... use the same 12x12x2 shiplap tiles (fire) for the vent landing floor, AND, use it as a fireplace (no damper needed). For all I know, it may accidently be very "Rumford". What say you all?

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    Re: Fireplace in my extended vent landing area

    You don't need to block off your oven to use it as a fireplace. Just rake the fire forward after it's going well, and the same flue gas dynamics that makes your oven burn clean and hot will work up front, as well.
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      Re: Fireplace in my extended vent landing area

      And that is the solution to the fireplace/oven combo conundrum.