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Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

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  • Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

    Thought people might enjoy this ... hosts werent too good at making pizza. This is why I can never let other people make pizza. I try and once the pizza is spread all over the oven I take back the reigns.

    Today Show Video Player

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    Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

    Thanks for the post Wesslock! I really enjoyed watching Mario in action. I heard that he has his own brick oven at his house. I think he's a genius. I was able to eat at one of his restaurants, Babbo, last year and had Black Spaghetti with Mussels, Spicy Salami Calabrese and Green Chiles. It was like something from another planet. I forced my wife to learn how to make it it was so good.


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      Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

      Ditto "Thanks for posting the video Wesslock!" Always fun to watch Mario. I have eaten at Babbo once Larry and I thought the food was the finest Italian I have had. The only place I have ever been that was close was Nick's in McMinnville OR. And MUCH cheaper. Incredible pasta! (at both!)


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        Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

        Thanks wesslock,

        It is always fun to see how others are building and cooking pizza.

        We nearly always have our guests make their own pizza'a at parties. Yes, there is an occasional mess on the oven floor, but it is worth the trouble as the folks who want to make a pizza sure have a good time making, eating and bragging about how their pizza was the best. Our last event included a new combination I never would have thought of - Thai Peanut sauce, caramelized onion and garlic, and roast peppers. Darn fine pizza! and a new taste to my experience.

        We have been able to reduce the 'oven floor mess' by keeping a bit of extra flour and an old kitchen spatula at the oven. Any pizza that doesn't 'wiggle' when it gets to the oven gets a bit of special attention from me with the flour and the spatula (I push loose flour under the pizza from all sides until it moves easily on the peel). Then into the oven... Over time I am training a group of 'regular's' to man the oven so I get to mingle and chat more as we host more of these pizza events!

        Lots of different ways to conduct the event....




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          Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

          I love it when Matt says: "Obviously people don't have wood fired ovens in their back yards". My kids where watching the video with me and they all just cracked up.
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            Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

            Good observation, Ken! I caught that but let it slide. But...it deserves to be highlighted!

            Thanks for the grin!


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              Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

              I think we should all make short videos in front of our ovens

              Then post them to youtube with a message to Matt and see if they pick it up as a follow up. I'd love to see all of our forno bravo crew mentioned on the Today show.

              My oven progress -


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                Re: Mario Batali wood fired pizza on Today show

                Great find!
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