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High Hydration Dough video

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  • High Hydration Dough video

    Crappy production values, that is what I get for doing it at night. It does at least show how I abuse the dough.


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    Re: High Hydration Dough video

    I enjoyed it and learned a couple dough handling strategies I want to try next time we make dough.
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      Re: High Hydration Dough video

      Same here, Tom. Forget about production values. One can easily tell that your (dough) process control will undoubtedly generate repeatable results. The unexpected treat was Josie Jam and Red Ant (Cherry Blossom). Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: High Hydration Dough video

        that was great Tscar, I learned a lot about handling high hydration dough. thanks
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          Re: High Hydration Dough video

          Thanks for sharing...

          Love the lighter under the spoon to melt coconut oil.
          I was amazed on how no flour got into that delicious glass of brew.

          Love the music and the commentary, informative, nicely done.
          Will try your 23 hour dough next time.
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            Re: High Hydration Dough video

            very nice... thanks for sharing that!
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              Re: High Hydration Dough video

              Excellent video, Tscar!! Because of the title I was waiting for you to add the beverage to the dough - but then saw that you know how to properly incorporate the beverage into the dough making experience.

              I have not yet worked with dough at that hydration level. It seemed to be just short of a sponge. I would have a very hard time handling that stuff without seeing you do it first. Thanks!!


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                Re: High Hydration Dough video

                coconut oil? did it make a difference? and what percentage hydration do you guess you are at?


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                  Re: High Hydration Dough video

                  The oil did not seem to make any difference. The hydration is around 80% at the start and around 75% after balling.


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                    Re: High Hydration Dough video

                    Good video T. I learned something today. Are you partly cooking your pizzas on the pan then finishing them off directly on the floor or are you cooking the entire thing on the pan?
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                      Re: High Hydration Dough video

                      My peel is 14" and my pies are 16", so I have to use the pan/screen to get them in the oven. I usually take them off at the first or second turn in the WFO and leave them on in the kitchen oven (since I don't use a stone).


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                        Re: High Hydration Dough video

                        Thanks for that video Tscarough. Would you mind listing your ingredients? My audio quality wasn't the best. Also, that was about 22 hrs in the refridgerator?


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                          Re: High Hydration Dough video

                          Very Nice! Do you find that using the screen in the WFO makes any difference in the end result?
                          BTW, Josie sounds a lot like Larry Carlton and that is a huge complement.



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                            Re: High Hydration Dough video

                            Sorry, GG, I missed your post. Here is the ingredient list:

                            3c King Arthur bread flour
                            2c semolina flour
                            4c water
                            1 tsp salt
                            1 tsp ADY
                            2 tsp dried oregano
                            1 tsp sugar
                            1 tsp coconut oil

                            The dried oregano is mainly so that I can tell the doughs apart when I make multiple batches. It adds little to no flavor, and the coconut oil added nothing. The sugar is for the ADY.


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                              Re: High Hydration Dough video

                              The screen makes no difference, since it is only on there for a minute or so, Phil.