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How heavy would a brick oven be?

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  • How heavy would a brick oven be?

    I am in the process of casting an oven in my garden. when that is finished I would like to have a go at building a brick oven but on a trailer so i need to know how heavy a brick oven is before i buy a suitable trailer for the project.
    any ideas?

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    a 43' circumference precast oven is about 850 - 1000 pounds before you start adding base, insulatiuon, etc etc


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      opps, inches " not feet'


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        That's right. Then you have to add the concrete hearth, under oven insulation, vermiculite/Insulfrax, chimney and stucco. As there are different ways of doing each of these, it will depend on your design choices.

        Also, a brick oven weighs more than the precast ovens, so will need to calculate that. Has anyone ever done a weight calculation for their Pompeii Oven? # of bricks, weight per brick, mortar, vent, etc.?

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          Weigh over schedule

          Judging by the back pain and headaches, our oven weight one million pounds plus, and we haven't even started the chamber yet.


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            this was done for a Pompeii a while ago


            a rough estimate of materials
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              re weighty question...

              Originally posted by james
              Has anyone ever done a weight calculation for their Pompeii Oven? # of bricks, weight per brick, mortar, vent, etc.?
              The pallet containing ALL the 'ingredients' for my 1000 mm internal diameter dome oven hits the scales at 670 kg.

              That includes 70 tapered arch bricks (230 x 115 x 75 mm); 35 slightly more tapered arch bricks of the same dimensions; 25 floor tiles (230 x 230 x 50 mm); 20 straight firebricks (my own addition to the 'kit' - you never know!); 40 kg 'Airset' mortar, 3 bags vermiculite; 1 bag ciment fondu; 1 bag of 'Densecrete' high-temp concrete; 2 Calsil boards (1000 x 610 x 25 mm ea.) and 7.6 m of 25 mm x 610 mm Insulfrax-type blanket.

              It does NOT include base structure, nor any opening arches, chimneys etc. I'll add further measurements as I build the beast. (Since all water added will eventually react/evaporate, I suppose one can leave it out of the equation?)


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