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commercial use of oven

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  • commercial use of oven

    Are the ovens that you give plans on able to stand up to a daily use of around 12 hours a day?

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    The right fundamental design

    The Pompeii Oven that people are building in their back garden is fundamentally a scaled down version of the oven you see in Italian pizzerias. To make a commercial version, you would need to make it larger, and insulate the heck out of it. I would also recommend that you use only true refractory mortar in the installation.

    A typical commerical oven has a 4" thick dome, and 2"-3" thick floor. The smallest commercial oven is about 48" and the largest is about 72".

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      Thanks for the information, do you have plans that size? I am a master mason, I have been in the masonry business for 30 years, so I am able to build just about anything.


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        I think you are on your own with the larger oven. That isn't to say it won't work, but more that there isn't a lot of large brick oven building experience within our group. Forno Bravo sells commerical precast ovens that are great -- in fact our producer sells about 50% residential ovens and 50% commerical ovens in Europe. I have walked into various restaurants over the years and have seen one of our ovens sitting there cooking away.

        But the structural aspects of a larger site-built brick dome are something I don't have experience with.

        If you are thinking about going ahead with the project, I still think that this forum is probably the best resource out there to help you work through issues.

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          Are you wanting to build an oven that is going to be used in a commercial enterprise? If so contact us with your requirements



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            commercial use

            Yes we will be building for commercial use. Do you have any information that would be of use??