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Pizza Oven Glossary

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Pizza Oven Glossary

    Did you know that there is a Pizza Oven glossary on Forno Bravo.com?

    Take a look, and let us know if you have any recommendations for new terms or better content. It is internally linked, where you can move from term to term.


    Pizza Ovens
    Outdoor Fireplaces

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    It probably would be very helpful in the Glossary, or perhaps separately, to add some discussion of wood, including seasoning, types to use and types to avoid. Because species vary so much across the continent, getting into a detailed list would be too lengthy, I suspect.

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      Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

      I agree with you on the various wood species. One that keeps coming up that some people are using to create a fire in their oven is pine! Absolutely no way should they be using pine. The pine resin or pitch will leave a foul taste on the food and can be toxic. I don't even like to use it in my fireplace inside my home. It creates a lot of blakc smoke. Most hardwoods would work fine. I have even tried sassafras on my weber grill and it imparts an unusual but good flavor to the meat.
      Jim Bob


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        Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

        JB, there are probably many different pine species. The pine I use in Spain is very dense from the dry climate and works pretty well for the oven and my paellas.

        just a thought!

        I was thinking about a WFO glossary recently....will have to check it out....but I'm guessing the Forum may have some of our own slang to add!
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          Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

          thanks a lot for this guide!
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            Re: Pizza Oven Glossary

            Thanks for the link Mat. Going to check the site..