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  • Pizziaola

    I found this word on the Forno Bravo Website. I presume it means 'guys who makes pizza'? what is the definition and root of this word? Is this a common title in Italy? I think it is a neat word and would like to know more about it. Help, please!

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    Yep, that's the word for pizza chef. It ends in "o", because Italian uses "o" and "a" to describe gender. Forno Bravo is masculine, and you yell Brava to a diva and Bravo to a divo. I have never seen a female pizzaiola in a restaurant.

    Also, "o" turns to "i" for plural, and the article "il" turns to "i" in front of a "p" for masculine plural. Il pizzaiolo (one); i pizzaioli (plural).

    More than you ever wanted to know.

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      Or less

      I've been thinking about the origine of the word, and I still have to do more research on that. It's one of those description terms that has always been around. Like "pizza" itself -- which has any number of theories on the root.

      More research on my part... and more to come.
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        Makes sense.

        Thanks, James!
        I've been wondering about the name on my gelato maker "il Gelataio Super".
        It makes perfect (perfecto) sense now.
        If only I could recall all of the Latin the nuns made me learn.