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Chimney Location

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  • Chimney Location

    Is there a special reason the chimney is in the front of the oven versus the back? I am building the oven as part of a BBQ and the BBQ chimney is in the back. I thought maybe a small landing at the back of the WFO would match the BBQ chimney location better.



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    Re: Chimney Location

    It is better to think of it as a "vent" rather that a chimney.

    The primary purpose is to deflect hot gasses up out of the face during use. The inlet is at the level of the top of the door and allows hot gasses to give up their heat in the top inside of the oven before exiting the vent.

    For the main firing, expect a lot of the smoke and gas to come right out the oven door. Only after the fire dies down will the vent typically handle the volume of hot gasses.

    Having said that, I have seen designs with a vent/chimney at the back. If you want to do this, I would size it larger than normal or you may get some hot gasses in your face while working.
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      Re: Chimney Location

      So fresh air enters through the door at the bottom and smoke/hot air leaves through the top of the same door and the circulation is what does the uniform heating? Quite different than a traditional oven/fireplace. Thank you for the help.