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Building supplies in NZ

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  • Building supplies in NZ

    Hi there everyone , Rob here from NZ, I am very keen to start a WFO project and am wondering where other kiwis sourced their bits and pieces. Bricks for me should not be a problem as I live in Huntly however I am wondering about the under hearth insulation board, is it available here? and also the ceramic insulating blanket? I have a copy of "The Shed" article on building a WFO although I rather prefer the one outlined here, any thoughts or ideas on "The Shed" article? I know it doesnt really mention anything about insulation under the floor, any ideas tips hints etc greatly appreciated

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    Re: Building supplies in NZ

    I rang a company in Vestey drive, Mt Wellington up in Auckland calley Forman insulation Forman Building Systems, they have insulation blanket. High temp ceramic fibre. It was a while ago but I remember it being reasonably cheap. They had it in Rolls 600mm wide by 6 meters long. maybe an inch or inch and a half thick.


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      Re: Building supplies in NZ

      Try Andreco Hurll Refractory services or Thermal Ceramics in UN ZUD.


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        Re: Building supplies in NZ

        Hi Rob,

        If your referring to the article in the shed magazine Feb/March 2008 then its $#!T.there are alot of short comings in its design, have a good read up here first. the shed oven has no insulation under the fire bricks and hardly anything around the dome and they never talk about spalling of common bricks in the dome. I have heard there is a newer article out in this months issue but that it has it's usual half baked, half detailed content.

        I too recommend Formans Building systems. I have had good service in the past.

        There were a few boxes of superwool 607 sold on trademe last week for $50
        Superwool Insulation Below Cost (cost $160) for sale - TradeMe.co.nz - New Zealand

        Also Shinagawa.co.nz has firebricks and castables. they have a Depot in Invercargill and Up in Huntly. Their castable is about $28+GST per 25kg bag and about $5.5 +GST per firebrick. there castables work out way cheaper than bricks to build an oven.
        most people use around 10 -13 bags depending on there size and thickness.

        Fire bricks in NZ are expensive as hell $5.5 + GST each is typical. has anyone found a good supply??? Keep in mind there are insulation and dense/storage bricks the later is what you want for a pizza oven.

        Topcat roof and tiles in chch also sell Fireclay/bricks and afew other items but they arn't the cheapest either..

        Canterbury Clay Bricks - - - Canterbury Clay Bricks, New Zealand - - -
        also have firebricks but they are closed until the 11th.

        There is also Certec up in auckland. Welcome to Certec
        Unfortunately they are too far away from me to be of any use.

        I recommend you download and read the pompeii design which is available free from the main fornobravo site. lots of use full information and also have a good read in the forums here.

        also when looking for vermiculite or perlite have a look at proper horticulture wholesale suppliers. I found 100L bags for $35+ GST most places around here are asking around $70 including GST.
        also make sure you get the coarse stuff.

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          Re: Building supplies in NZ

          Got some prices from Canterbury Clay Bricks.

          Fire Bricks $4.95 + GST these are apparently made in house for their
          kilns and are also used in their pizza oven kits and have heat holding properties.
          can not verify the density though.

          25kg fire clay $15 + GST
          25kg Fire cement $25 + GST

          Pre cast Oven $800 inc
          also have Flue kits not sure if they are any good though.


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            Re: Building supplies in NZ

            I bought some Vermiculite 100 litre bags $33 inc gst from Nuplex Building supplies Great South Rd Penrose Auckland.


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              Re: Building supplies in NZ

              Thats not bad best I can find down here is $35+gst

              Virmiculite & Perlite
              100L $35 +Gst

              Quantum Grow Ltd
              14 Alloy St Sockburn Christchurch
              03-343 0190
              Just around the corner from Canterbury bricks.


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                Re: Building supplies in NZ

                Anyone know where to get some insulating board for the hearth? Formans only have kaowool board and its no good as turns to mush with a bit of moisture.


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                  Re: Building supplies in NZ

                  Check with Tanz
                  He reconned he got some from formans.


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                    Re: Building supplies in NZ

                    I bought some of those insulating bricks that are advertised on TradeMe from the yard in Waitakarie, I intend using them as the base insulating layer instead of a board or vermiculite


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                      Re: Building supplies in NZ

                      LIME source.

                      Placemakers has the lime and they also sell fire bricks. I got my lime from placemakers in riccarton across the road from bunnings.


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                        Re: Building supplies in NZ

                        In Taupo currently in the process of building a Pompeii oven just over 1 metre in dia. using fire bricks ( from placemakers) for the base & red chimney bricks for the dome, to expensive to use all fire bricks. The mortar I have used for the assembly is fire mortar, formulated & sold by Mastermix in Foxton (06 3635686). Havent completed dome yet but getting close.


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                          Re: Building supplies in NZ

                          Just started building mine, got my hearth base from Brick & Cobble factory in Henderson, ( i got 80% of my firebricks from 2 houses that got demo'd, so i was first in line for the firebricks, however i needed 8 more and got them as seconds ($4 each) from Certec Industries in Te Atatu, refractory glue 25kg pail for $99 from Certec as well (if you want pizza oven info then ring certec they'll happily answer all the questions youve eva wanted to ask, one stop pizza oven building shop), building my oven dome out of chimney bricks from the 1920's house chimney,(cutting them with a brick chisel & hammer easy peasy)...you can get the ceramic blanket from Bot Pots in East Tamaki or Crow Refractory (he has pricelist and freights all over nz) in Wiri, Manukau (both places near identical in price). Also as tinfoil is another additional layer u can get thick grade tinfoil from Ullrich Alumnium in manukau, way thicker than what you get in the supermarket.
                          See my progress via fb My Pizza Oven | Facebook