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  • Fireclay

    Wondering what kind of supplier carries this stuff Fudugazi

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    Fire clay

    Fire clay is a clay made up of aluminate and silica. You can buy it in a 50lb bag from your local brick supplier, but probably not Home Depot. It has many of the characteristics of a true refractory mortar, such as its ability to withstand high heat. That is why you add it to a traditional mortar to withstand heat. When you mix fire clay with portland cement, you get a mortar that is more heat resistant than concrete (portland cement with a sand and gravel aggretate), but much less resiliant or thermally conductive than a true aluminate mortar. Don't forget that portland cement burns out at a relatively low temperature.

    Here in Sonoma county, you can get fire clay from our big, local masonry supply company, SBI -- who is also a Forno Bravo oven dealer .

    For an easy to work with (but less resilient) mortar:

    1 part portland
    3 parts sand
    1 part lime
    1 part fire clay

    For a more permanent, but harder to work with mortar:

    1 part calcium aluminate
    3 parts sand
    1 part lime
    1 part fire clay

    For an easy to use, long lasting mortar (but a little more $), you can buy Refrax from Forno Bravo.


    It's a real, pre-mixed refractory mortar.

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