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Combustion air requirements

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  • Combustion air requirements

    Our local building department is asking for the justification of combustion air to the space. Does Forno Bravo have information regarding sizing the combustion air requirements for the Ristornate 160 wood burning oven?


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    Re: Combustion air requirements

    Some more info might help...what are you trying to find out?

    and remember, you could always pipe in some outside air if it's for an inside installation...I'm doing that with the BenjaMia Bakehouse

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      Re: Combustion air requirements

      Xabia Jim, I'm looking for a way to size the amount of air to be supplied to the space to meet the pizza oven combustion air requirements.


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        Re: Combustion air requirements

        Here's the code, from rumford.com:

        R1006.2 Exterior air intake. The exterior air intake shall be capable of supplying all combustion air from the exterior of the dwelling or from spaces within the dwelling ventilated with outside air such as non-mechanically ventilated crawl or attic spaces. The exterior air intake shall not be located within the garage or basement of the dwelling nor shall the air intake be located at an elevation higher than the firebox. The exterior air intake shall be covered with a corrosion-resistant screen of 1/4-inch (6 mm) mesh.

        R1006.3 Clearance. Unlisted combustion air ducts shall be installed with a minimum 1-inch (25 mm) clearance to combustibles for all parts of the duct within 5 feet (1524 mm) of the duct outlet.

        R1006.4 Passageway. The combustion air passageway shall be a minimum of 6 square inches (3870 mm2) and not more than 55 square inches (0.035 m2), except that combustion air systems for listed fireplaces shall be constructed according to the fireplace manufacturer�s instructions.

        R1006.5 Outlet. Locating the exterior air outlet in the back or sides of the firebox chamber or within 24 inches (610 mm) of the firebox opening on or near the floor is permitted. The outlet shall be closable and designed to prevent burning material from dropping into concealed combustible spaces.
        In practice, a standard brick vent behind the fridge should supply the needed air, and avoid drafts and light leak.
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          Re: Combustion air requirements

          A fully assembled FB Modena 120 draws 100 cfm and does not require a separate air source. A larger unit, like a 160, might draw a bit more, but James should confirm the actual figure.

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