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Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

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  • Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.


    How's it going?

    New to the forum, I've been interested in getting my own wood heated oven for a while now since I love pizza. I have a gluten sensitivity, so I don't eat wheat at all, which means I have to eat very different kinds of pizzas but I have mastered the technique with a pizza stone and a hot oven, so I've been good so far. Here's the problem: I live with parents in a residential, development type neighborhood where there are no fences or really any separation in between houses. Any ideas on what I could do to get started with an oven? I was thinking about doing something like the clay ovens, or something similar. I need a small, low cost type oven. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

    Unless you are planning to dig your own clay, potters clay, especially the prepared wet stuff, is a LOT more expensive than fire bricks.

    If the parent gig is not long term, you may consider building your oven with the simple fireclay/sand mortar that Frances used. If you build it on a stacked block stand, with pre-cast lintels instead of a cast slab, you could take all the components with you when you relocate.

    Whatever you do, don't economize on insulation, below the floor and above the dome. It pays for its self quickly if you buy wood.
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      Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

      Hey dmun,

      Thanks for the fast response. What do you think the cheapest way to make an oven would be, and what about building it on a trailer to rent out and get an ROI? Has anyone else tried this? It'd be cool to get it to pay for itself.
      Thanks for the info so far! Very, very much appreciated.


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        Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

        I was thinking you should maybe check out the 1-hour oven thats described somewhere around here. If you build it with firebricks, you can use them later when you build a permanant oven.


        There are mobile ovens around... but I don't think they're very economical to build though. Try doing a search on mobile ovens, you'll find plently of info.

        One more thing, could you post your gluten-free pizza dough recipe in the recipe section? Its a question which keeps coming up from time to time, and it'd be nice to be able to point people towards some first hand experience.
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          Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

          mrsleep99 writes:
          "Here's the problem: I live with parents in a residential, development type neighborhood where there are no fences or really any separation in between houses."

          I think I would first off closely read the covent or charter or agreement that I would assume exists to have a fenceless community such as you are living in. It will address actions and construction by "members" that impacts the neighborhood. What you don't need is to spend the time constructing a WFO only to find that someone in your surrounds is an asthmatic. My sister-in-law was a serious asthmatic (died of it) and while she was alive, where they lived was in great part decided by restrictions on wood smoke. Controlled environments such as where you are living are in part designed for such people.

          Just tying to save you some grief,



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            Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

            For a small low cost oven idea -check these threads




            The second link is the better build ( really, I have nothing to do with it Just an interested bystander )

            As far a "wheat" free/ " gluten free". I have been using spelt as a flour subsititute with very few modifications. It has a little gluten but no wheat. I simply up the yeast by about 40% and mix about 20% longer. It tastes like a dense whole grain. If any wants the paticulars I'd be glad to post them.

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              Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

              what about building it on a trailer to rent out and get an ROI?
              Most successful mobile catering ovens use modular ovens, as there are fewer pieces to vibrate apart. Also once you become a food business, you may need an approved oven to get by the board of health. Besides, "return on investment" presupposes an investment in the first place.
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                Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

                Thanks for all the great suggestions guys, looking more into it...

                By the way, here is the link to the gluten-free recipe I posted in case anyone wants it: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f10/...cipe-5574.html

                I don't have a problem with making an investment as long as I made it back, but you're right about getting involved with health requirements, etc. + liability.

                Thanks again


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                  Re: Simple Clay Ovens? n00bie newb here.

                  I've seen alot of talk about clay ovens on other sites, mostly referencing Kiko Denzer's book. My folks live on country property in an area with incredibly dense clay subsoil, so while it would possibly be some backbreaking work, I have a good source of clay for free. Does anyone have any information about the thermal performance and stability of clay ovens?

                  My oven build is finally complete!