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Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

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  • Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

    First of all I just wanted to say what a great forum! I have wanted to build a WFO for quite some time and have been contemplating some other options. I am glad I found this site. Thank you James and the rest of you here that have paved the way.

    I have dug my footings (30" deep for St. Louis, MO) and will frame and pour my concrete this week for the oven and small kithcen/bar area.

    Questions: How many layers of FB Board do you use under the oven floor? I am assuming with this board I do not need any additonal insullation.

    When using FB Blanket as an insulator for the dome do you still need to provide an additional 4" layer of insullation such as vermiculite? And if so, should the vermiculite layer be loose or castable mixed with portland cement?

    Thanks again, Tom
    I know you all like pictures. I have attached a few.
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    Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

    Tom, you may be our youngest member yet! Welcome!

    While you can never have too much insulation, folks here have reported success with one layer of 2" insulation board under their ovens, with no other insulation underneath. The FB Board replaces the vermiculite layer. Similarly, the blanket can replace other insulation on the dome, as long as you make it thick enough (2-3"). Some people pour loose vermiculite over the blanket. It depends on what type of enclosure you're planning (igloo vs. enclosed).
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      Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

      Hi Tom,

      I can't wait to see him throw a pizza! :-)

      I think the 2" under oven layer of FB Board is fine, but I would recommend 3"+ on the dome. FB Blanket really isn't that expensive, and that extra little bit will ensure that your enclosure won't get hot and that you won't lose heat while cooking.

      I've become a big fan of all solid-state insulation as prices have come down. Even a few years ago it wasn't cost effective and most ovens used vermiculite or perlite, but now you don't have to mess with Portland cement, water, mixing, pouring, etc.

      This is how the big FB Modena commercial ovens are made -- and they are excellent.
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        Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

        Sounds good, I will use the FB Board and a what appears to be a triple layer of blanket. Its will be easy and its done. Wondering how have people sucured this blanket. Maybe use wire and wrap it and secure it?

        That is my son in the pictures. He loves to help out, but more than that he likes to get dirty. He loves pizza. I don't know if we can get him to toss a pizza, but he will love making and eating. Funny thing, my daughter does not like pizza. I tell her that she is the only person on earth that does not like pizza. Her birthday is coming up and I am trying to buy into the idea of a pizza party.

        Poured foundation today. Friday & Saturday I will construct frame and pour the floor.

        Thanks for your help!


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          Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

          Hi Tom,
          Congratulations on starting. I'll watch your build closely because I also planned on 1 layer of FB board on the 4" conc. top and 2-3 layers of FB blanket.
          What size oven are you planning? (Please be 42"!) What will be the overall dimensions of the concrete block stand you are building?
          I'm drawing this stuff out now and thinking of the width and depth of it all to accommadate the oven entry landing and facade in front and the insulation and metal stud framing in the rear.
          Good luck!
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            Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

            Dino, I'll be building a 42" oven also and will follow the FB plans in respect to the block stand. I will use an additional layer of block either full or half block to accomidate the height of my patio (i poured my foundation to allow for pavers to go over the top and into the wood sorage area) and to make up for the height that the vermiculite insulation would have taken up. When I pour my floor for the oven I will cantilever it in the front so there is an overhang.

            I should have drawn up plans but I have it all in my head. I will construct what they call here on this site a "stone house". I will use a tumbled limestone layed out in a ashler pattern with some brick accents.

            Plans were to build the block stand this weekend but we have rain from the hurricane coming tommorrow (calling for 6" + rain). Will have wait till next week.

            Good luck on your plans and build. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.



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              Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

              Originally posted by tomtom View Post
              Wondering how have people sucured this blanket. Maybe use wire and wrap it and secure it?
              That's pretty much it, Tom. I used chicken wire around the base of the dome and it seems to be holding fine. Plain wire would probably work too. The blanket pretty much stays in place by itself.

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                Re: Starting My Oven Build: Couple of Questions

                I am also building a 42" oven as well and am keeping an eye on the forums to get ideas and some of the do's and dont's of building, just poured the foundation so I am really in the beginning stages, good luck and hope to see more pictures as you go along