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Firebrick size?

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  • Firebrick size?

    I'm wondering what the proper size of firebricks is. I found:

    2-1/4 inch X 4 inch X 9 inch
    $0.70 each

    brand new

    Something seems odd and I'm trying to figure out the duty.

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    Re: Firebrick size?

    Size appears ok, although not 3", price seems cheap. Sure its not a std pale brick? May be a paver?


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      Re: Firebrick size?

      most I have seen in texas are light cream color , 2.5" x 4.5" x 9" and have the word "butler" stamped on some. i paid $1.10 per brick at ACME Brick..

      Acme Brick Co
      Acme Brick Company | Brick, Tile, and More | brick.com

      631 Round Rock West Dr
      Round Rock, TX 78681
      (512) 244-7600


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        Re: Firebrick size?

        Yep, those sound like the dimensions of the standard low duty firebrick. That's a cheap price.
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          Re: Firebrick size?

          This is the message I received:

          I am not sure I understand low duty or high duty, but these particular fire brick are price right and will do the job you need in my opinion.

          As far as a pizza oven…or bread oven we also sell domes, entrance tunnels, etc. Examples of this can be found at Rumford Fireplaces

          Normally these brick would sell for $1.46+, however, we made an error on our inventory and purchased too many and need to turn them as we

          are overstocked.
          I know they had 3000 or so in stock. How many do you think it would take to make my oven (42" inch pompeii), a smoker, fireplace, and grill?


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            Re: Firebrick size?

            Ahh, also forgot to ask, how many would it take per each piece?


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              Re: Firebrick size?

              I recall using 277 brick for my oven (42 inch)- and I threw a butt load of scrap in the trash. For the price you were quoted (less than half of what I paid), buy extra...

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                Re: Firebrick size?

                Could you get a shipping quote to the UK while you're at it?

                Sounds like a very good deal on the bricks. I went to go measure one of mine and remembered I used every last brick.

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                  Re: Firebrick size?

                  Haha, I was thinking about getting 600 for the smoker, grill, and oven. Perhaps a little more? I can always resell them for close to what I bought them fore I'm sure :-)

                  The plans call for 200 (135 for the dome + 65 for the floor).

                  The smoker I want to build would be similar in size to this one(Hill Country Outdoor Kitchens: Outdoor Kitchens, Ovens, and Custom Built Smokers) and the grill I have no clue right now.

                  Thanks for all the help and if all goes as planned I'll be working on getting my bricks tomorrow!