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Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

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  • Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

    Hi everyone, I have been a member on this site for almost a year(give or take). I had planned my build for this summer, and as usually happens, something went to crap, and the cashola for the build went with it. My wife had shoulder surgery, I am the only one working, and I still want to start my build. On to the question: I have been offered as many clay bricks as I would like or need. They are from an old mill building in our town built in the late 1800's\early 1900's. A lot of them are in good shape(whole and intact) and some have a little mortar on them that seem to fall off when struck. Will these work for my WFO? The price is right, FREE!

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    Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

    my understanding is that no oven is better than no oven- and regular bricks are better than no bricks. go for it.



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      Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

      thats what I did ....craigslist cheapo's They are working fine. If you look at my thread you can see what I spent. Life is really very short so do this if it brings you pleasure. If it has to be rebuilt in 10 years then the next one may be better ....or this one will be sold with the house. Enjoy


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        Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

        We used recyled clay bricks for the outside and some recycled fire brick as well. Found it on craigs list someone was tearing down a chimney - it was free to boot! Bottom line the oven works and it looks like it has been here for years (partly because we s**k at brick laying) and partly because the brick has that aged look to it. It fits the historical home we live in!!

        Have fun!!

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          Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

          There are bricks and there are bricks. Soft red common bricks, which are really porous and break easily will crack and spall at oven temperatures. High fire bricks, which are glossier and less porous are a better choice. Our English friends call these engineering bricks. I'd stay away from anything with holes in it. Of course, having a proper firebrick with alumina content gives you the best performing and longest lasting oven, but as Elizabeth says, any oven beats no oven. Just don't try to skip insulation: that's a false economy that you'll pay for on every firing.
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            Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

            Given that mud bricks work satisfactorily, the best bricks are the cheapest you can get. Just as the best wood is free wood.
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              Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

              Thanks, Dmun, for translating my badly typed response... I don't proofread my own posts well!

              I agree 100% on the insulating suggestion. Under the oven, over the top, around the sides. We've seen time and time again that it's critical to get that part right, no matter what kind of insulation you're using.

              Even if you aren't that interested in retained-heat cooking and you just want pizza, it'll take forever to get it to temp if you're heating the great outdoors!



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                Re: Will recycled clay bricks work for my build?

                Go for it,
                select the harder bricks in preference to the softer very absorbent ones (when you dunk them in a bucket of water).
                Russell Jeavons, in his book only ever uses these bricks and his pictures are posted in the Wood fired oven restaurant section.
                Keep us informed with the usual array of pictures and build information, you never know we might be able to keep you well on track to finishing an inexpensive, very enjoyable oven.

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