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Fire brick group buy in UK

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  • Fire brick group buy in UK

    I've been thinking of building a pizza oven for some months now. I am ready to go, but the price of the bricks is pretty high in the UK. The cheapest I can find them for is £1.60 each +£35 shipping. I reckon I need at least 200 bricks, which makes this a project difficult to slip under the Mrs' radar.

    I emailed a supplier and they advised "So, while a lower alumina content
    brick is somewhat cheaper to produce most of the cost these days is in
    shipping from China, India or Russia. No-one actually imports these
    bricks because its easier to have one brick which can be used in every

    If we get a group of us together we can either encourage an importer to ship them in, or email China and get them to email us direct. Is anyone else interested in a group buy to collect from Southampton or Salisbury?

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    Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

    China? We don't need no Far Easterners. The USA is becoming the new third world with our currency in the toilet. They are under a buck retail here in New Jersey:


    Or you can see a list of manufacturers here:

    ThomasNetģ - Category Search Results: Product/Service

    I see at least 4 firebrick manufacturers in eastern PA, which is brick country nearest to the atlantic ports. It's worth a few emails to find out what quantities they would need to do an export order.
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      Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

      .....or a nice road trip to France or Italy. Save money, have a great 3 - 4 day weekend!
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        Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

        Welcome ........there are a few UK builders on site that can probably point you in the right direction. E.bay uk is a great source of material or reclamation yards. Try this Sheffield company that specialize in new or reclaimed refractory materials and fire bricks.



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          Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

          The place I got my bricks actually produces them... in Germany, but thats closer than China or the states anyway. They're not the cheapest around, but they are exactly what you're looking for - might be worthwhile if you go for the weekend trip version...

          Kandern Feuerfest GmbH

          The homepage isn't all that informative, but if you're interested I can give you more info and/or translation services.

          But check out Inishtas idea first, sounds like like a good advice.
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            Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

            I just priced out brick on Monday (3/3/08) & was quoted $1.80 ea from a proper masonry supply yard here in VT. With energy cost spiraling the way they are I wouldn't be surprised if that is a large part of the cost these days.


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              Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

              Thanks to Dusty, I was able to get mine from a wholeseller at .30 each. Unbelievable!.
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                Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                May I know from where I can get Fiure bricks to build pizza oven or ready-made pizza oven in the reasonable price. Let me know any shop or market in UK from where I purchase.


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                  Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                  Check out these two sites for locations offering firebrick in the U.S.

                  :: Whitacre Greer ::
                  Rumford Dealers


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                    Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                    Bricks come up from time to time on EBay, I got a quote for £0.25 a brick which seemed excellent. The bricks came from a hop oven and they had loads of them.

                    Alternatively, keep your eye open for old storage heaters which is what I am doing, though as the brick is an odd shape I am preparing myself to have to do some extra cutting.

                    All depends how much of a rush you're in.


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                      Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                      Hi All

                      Just Started building my brick oven -went for Engineering grade B bricks for most of it (22p each) but just picked up the fire bricks for the oven base from handforth refectories (£2 each inc). Just had a few questions:

                      -wondered if anyone knew a good source for vermiculite/perlite (in the North west of the UK)
                      -I have a spare roll of loft insulation knocking about, is a safe use for it in insulating the oven (instead of/as well as vermiculite.
                      -wondered if anyone had any recipes for more heat resistant mortar mix (using ingredient available from B&Q etc or clay - I have very clayey soil).

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                        Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                        For vermiculite I looked round a lot of builders merchants, and the cheapest was Travis Perkins at just over £7 for a 100 litre sack. A couple of others were around the £10 mark, so shop around! The brand name I ended up with was 'Silvaperl' - you'll also find 'Micafil' at some places. Be careful not to get the silcone coated stuff (I didn't find any, but was warned) as it doesn't work well in vermiculite concrete...


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                          Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                          Cheers Carl
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                            Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                            I plan on buying the 1000 bricks on ebay and am happy to share them out because I won't need them all. Let me know if you are interested. I may be able to drop off on route from Derbyshire to Salisbury.


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                              Re: Fire brick group buy in UK

                              Dear AMNAP,

                              I would be interested in some of the bricks. I would like to line my entire oven in refractory bricks, so ideally I would like 110 bricks if available. Failing this I would like to at least line the base of my oven in fire bricks so I would like a minimum of 60.

                              Iím in East Sussex, just east of Lewes, so not really on route from Derbyshire to Salisbury. Please let me know what you have available and a cost, and I can then try to arrange transport etc.

                              Many thanks


                              PS I bet our hosts canít believe what we have to pay for a fire brick in the UK, £2 to £3 each, approximately $3.95 to $5.90 each on todayís exchange rates!!