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PornoBravo. .??

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  • PornoBravo. .??

    Giggles first: my Lady misread FornoBravo as PornoBravo. Ahh, in her dreams,eh!
    But now the serious stuff.
    Thank you SO much for your site. Bloody brilliant, so informative, so giving, and so 'clean'.
    Mate, amongst the developed countries, I'd be inclined to pop your star on the top of the tree this Festive Season.(Ironic, isn't it?)
    From Serfs around the world, ('n their dogs),
    Thanks mate, and please drop in next visit "Down Under".

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    Re: PornoBravo. .??

    Ha Ha - My wife made the same mistake with this site and another oven site that she saw as Traditional Loven -

    Now is she askes me what I'm doing I tell her I'm surfing for Pizza porn or Car porn....

    Happy Holidays and thanks for the chuckle
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    My oven progress -


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      Re: PornoBravo. .??

      A friend of mine did the same thing from a screen print since I usually have this open in a tab.
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