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Where to place the door

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  • Where to place the door

    This may seem a stupid question, but as I view the photos on this site and view some youtube videos on the subject some of the ovens seem to have doors placed in front of the vent and some behind (placing the door between the fire and the vent). Is there a preferred placement?


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    Re: Where to place the door

    Usually the door is off when cooking with a fire in the oven, although you can use a door in front of the vent with an air gap to allow a draft but help control heat loss from the door (search for draft door in this forum). With fire out of the oven (retained heat baking, this is for bread and all the other goodies you bake at lower temperatures than pizza) you need a door 'behind' the vent in the dome opening to fully seal the oven.


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      Re: Where to place the door

      Ahhh, so two doors!


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        Re: Where to place the door

        Actually I think he means one door, in two separate positions. Also with a sliding vent on the door for use in front of the vent.
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          Re: Where to place the door

          I believe the need is for two doors. Most ovens have different dimensions for the vent entry and the oven entry. For the oven entry door to be most effecient it would need to be solidly insulated. For the draft door there needs to be an opening along the bottom for the cold air to enter and it would need to be rather large to accomodate the volume of flow.
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            Re: Where to place the door

            Sorry for the confusion, I use one door for both positions. The dome sealing is accomplished with a door that fits snug. The use of the same door as a draft door is accomplished by tilting the top back towards the vent entry arch and either propping the door with bricks or just leaning it back on it's handle. You could certainly use two doors as well.


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              Re: Where to place the door

              I think one door used in two positions, serving three roles is fine. First, it fits tightly again the oven opening to hold in heat and fully cut off oxygen. Second, it should be free standing so that is can be set back a few inches as a draft door. And of course third, when you are making pizza and have a full fire going, it stands far away leaving the oven opening fully open to breath and accommodate pizzas flying in and out.
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                Re: Where to place the door

                During my workshops we build 2 ovens with different flue exit positions.
                One, in the typical pizza oven position 'after' the door jamb and the other internal, before the door.
                In the former position the door is only used when the fire is out or removed, for baking, so there is no need for the flue to operate to exit smoke or hot gases.
                In the later position the fire can be kept alive with the door shut but it is best for a damper to be installed to control the amount of gases/heat escaping.