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Bricks - UK Source????

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  • Bricks - UK Source????

    Hi All

    Im based in the UK and am having troucble sourcing firebricks at less than 2.45 per brick - I can only find one supplier..

    Could anyone please advise whats best to do RE what bricks to use??

    Ive been told by a brick specialist that a Jacobean brick will do the job
    ( Very dense )

    I realise the Firebricks will keep the heat in better and cut down on insulation
    but that seems very expensive to me

    Can anyone help please

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    Re: Bricks - UK Source????

    You are in luck - today, 150 used fire bricks in lancashire up on eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace 50p each.

    That link didn't work: try this:

    eBay.co.uk: FIRE BRICKS (item 140132222664 end time 01-Jul-07 12:49:09 BST)

    No connection, etc.

    There's a huge market for used building materials in the UK that just doesn't exist in the states. Keep looking if these aren't the stuff you want.
    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      Re: Bricks - UK Source????


      just seen them fantastic........

      Shhhhhhh.tell no -one


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        Re: Bricks - UK Source????

        Originally posted by ross View Post
        I am having trouble sourcing firebricks at less than 2.45 per brick - I can only find one supplier..
        Ross, Have you seen my other posts? Google for "refractory" and limit search to the UK. Several suppliers come up.
        Best of luck,
        "Carpe diem." - Fish of the Day (The Uxbridge English Dictionary)


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          Re: Bricks - UK Source????

          Thanks for that - Sorry been away on Hols

          I ended up getting the ones off ebay they are fantastic

          Looks like its bricks for a potters kiln that was never built
          varying degrees of angle on the bricks as it domes


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            Re: Bricks - UK Source????

            No, you should have not told me this! I could not find a smilie saying "envious" either ... And they were within a quick drive too ...

            I'll probably turn up for a pizza sometime.

            "Carpe diem." - Fish of the Day (The Uxbridge English Dictionary)


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              Re: Bricks - UK Source????

              I know mate I was stupidly lucky...

              I think Im short on flat ones though for the base...

              Where are you based? the lake district? - Got my vermuiculite cheap from a garden centre up there ( again on Ebay) the guy is building a big commercial oven there although Ive not spoke to him about it yet...hes buying it from orchard ovens..

              He says hes going to do herb flavoured harwood for burning which sounds good?

              Have you built your oven yet how is it??


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                Re: Bricks - UK Source????


                Yes, I am lucky enough to based in the South Lakes.

                No, it is far from ready. I decided to build a sort of slate covered gazebo/bakeroom/playroom (no walls - fence on one side) over the patio - this is too big for my carpentry/joinery skills, so while I am getting quotes for this, I am collecting materials for what looks like a substantial Pompeii oven with an enclosed bbq next to it, sharing the chimney stack.
                I feel it makes a lot of sense in this climate. Both during the construction and later.

                Which garden centre was that? Hayes in Ambleside? Flavoured hardwood? Sounds like smoking not baking? I put some fresh thyme or oregano even in a barbecue, and obviously when I smoke-cook things.

                How is yours?

                "Carpe diem." - Fish of the Day (The Uxbridge English Dictionary)


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                  Re: Bricks - UK Source????

                  Went to Brockwoodhall near the lakes in a big log cabin earlier in he year it was lovely - 8 of the family my first time up there....gorgeous Brockwood Hall | Lake District Self Catering Lodge Holidays and Breaks

                  The Nursery was

                  Cumbria Gardens and Pets Direct gardening and pet supplies

                  Find enclosed pic of where Im upto..To say id never laid a brick before Im really pleased..Its very sturdy ( ive filled it all with breeze blocks ) and very level..I started out doing a small base for a clay cob oven but after researching Ive got right in to the idea of the brick oven 2 months on I has what mum called a war memorial in my garden...lol...

                  The diameter is only 40ins so im going to put paving slabs on the top ( that overhang) and then put a 2 ins vermiculite foundation for the oven build ontop
                  Im going to do a small pompeii oven...Plans i got from here..it seems simple enough to do if you ask peoples advice..

                  Ive just asked the question of whats the best vermiculitet foundation mix?
                  Is it 4 - 1 cement?


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                    Re: Bricks - UK Source????

                    Great price for Vermiculite - less than £8 for 100 litres delivered. Thanks. You get that on eBay for closer to £20. Goes on my list of suppliers ...

                    And the oven base looks fantastic! Where did you get these stones from?

                    "Carpe diem." - Fish of the Day (The Uxbridge English Dictionary)


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                      Re: Bricks - UK Source????

                      My packs are still sealed till I use them...I may open them up an it be sawdust
                      so cant vouch for it yet...but your right it was a great price...

                      The bricks are from http://www.build-center.co.uk/build/index.html

                      they are marshalls croft stone and should have been 4 per brick...
                      was just walking out of the depot and saw a mixed pallet of large and small bricks 100 in total for .40p per brick....and you thought I was lucky with the firebrick...

                      Again if you look on ebay you can get this stuff very cheap left overs from wall projects etc


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                        Re: Bricks - UK Source????

                        Actually Wlodek

                        I will be strugling for enough flat bricks for the oven floor did you ever come across Cheap suppliers in UK...I dont want to mess trying to get angled ones level..Id rather just sell what Ive got left over when Ive finished the dome??




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                          Re: Bricks - UK Source????


                          Be careful with getting rid of them. If you split them, then you will end up with two sizes of the halves, and each level should be done with one size. Also, make allowance for "mis-splits".

                          Are they tapered in two axes/dimensions (for a dome), or in one (for an arch)?

                          When you have worked out how many you need (or have finished the dome and arch) I'd be tempted to buy the surplus off you, if there is a sufficient number left, or swap for something else you need. We'll have to go to IKEA sometime within the next few weeks anyway, and the nearest one is in Warrington ... would be a chance for a face-to-face meeting too

                          Firebricks I found here and here for instance.

                          There are other places, but they are more geared towards dealing with industry. I've just had a very surprised response from one of them, essentially sending me somewhere else (to Purimachos - the second link above, to be precise).

                          Check with your local building supplies though - you may find that the delivery may be cheaper.

                          Best wishes,

                          "Carpe diem." - Fish of the Day (The Uxbridge English Dictionary)