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  • gas?

    I just picked up an oven from a rest equip store. the oven has a gas line. When I hokked up a propane tank and lit it , OI get a yellow flame and the oven is getting blak inside. What am i doing wrong?

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    Re: gas?

    Bona Sera Vito,
    Yellow flame sounds like a pressure or blockage issue. The orifice may not be set up for propane, actually I would think its pretty safe to assume its not.


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      Re: gas?

      That would be my guess, sounds like it has a natural gas setup. You will need to convert it.



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        Re: gas?


        I had a similar, though opposite, problem when I tried to run my new BBQ off the natural gas line in my house. No workie. Changed the orifice, and it worked just fine.

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          Re: gas?

          Yep using the orofice aka regulator for the type of gas you are using. This is a common situation for gas BBQ's. Most BBQ specialty stores ask you what kind of gas you are using - propane or natural gas. Yellow generally means not enough air.

          CDC comment - CO slant, it has a discription of the flame color
          NASD: Carbon Monoxide and You
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            Re: gas?

            [QUOTE=jengineer;11411]Yep using the orofice aka regulator for the type of gas you are using. This is a common situation for gas BBQ's. Most BBQ specialty stores ask you what kind of gas you are using - propane or natural gas. Yellow generally means not enough air.

            FYI- in terms of appliances.

            Orifice- hole through which the gas passes after the regulator
            Regulator- Regulates the flow of gas from the source through the orifice

            Since I think its safe to assume this oven was manufactured for the use of natural gas it would be necessary to change the orifice (hole) to accommodate the newly regulated flow of propane to the unit. If the propane source is a standard bottle it will also need a regulator after the bottle and before the burner. If it is fed from a large tank as in the whole house is on propane, it will not need a regulator in addition to the new orifice as the flow will already be regulated at the tank. Natural gas coming from the meter is at a different pressure than a propane bottle and is already regulated at the meter this is why gas appliances; stoves, ovens do not have a regulator their flow is controlled by the diameter of the orifice.
            Most BBQ stores and big box stores make a big to-do about trying to sell you a natural gas grill at more money when the only difference is a $3-4 orifice. The burners are exactly the same.
            Although, I have never used a gas fired pizza oven, I would think unless the house source is propane trying to heat it with bottled propane would take a lot of propane which would require a large bottle and would be a pain in the @#$ to refill. I have one for the shop, its.. ? I cant remember, its 4 feet tall and fatter than a standard bottle which I use for a heater but even with my 1 ton flat bed its a pain in the @#$ to load it up get refilled and then unload it. Every time I do I envision it falling off the truck and shooting into the atmosphere like a rocket... which I would really mind now last year I found a beautiful cast iron wood stove at a yard sell for $25.00 he said 25. I said "dollars?" ..sold ..anyway back to work..