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How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

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  • How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

    Someday when I have time and space (when the kids abandon their trampoline) I'll build an oven. Until then I'm going to try to do a pizza on my gas grill. Some questions though: I have a nice thick square stone. Should I put it right on the grates or raise it up some? I'm wondering if it's up higher if I'll get more convection from the lid and if up higher will keep the direct heat under the stone from curling up over the edges and burning the top. I have an infrared heater at the back of the grill for the rotisserie. Should I light this up too for some extra heat? I'm sure I'll have to experiment to get it as good as possible but if anyone had some tips to get me started they would be much appreciated.

    Thanks much for your time. However it turns out tonight I'm sure it will be fun.

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    Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

    Hi Frznrt

    I have messed with pizza on the grill a few times with only mediocre results. I have been able to cook the bottom of the pizza fine but the top always struggles to get done due to lack of heat radiating down. Your infrared device may help that, give it a go and see what happens.

    As far as where to put the stone, first make sure you put the cold stone on the cold grill before lighting so as not to damage the stone. I would suggest getting your stone right on the grill surface as close to the heat source as possible and preheat before tring to cook.

    Before I built my WFO I contemplated buying two stones and put them stacked so as to create a pocket to cook the pizza in between the two of them but now I have a wood oven that rocks for making pizza's and calzones and have since abandoned the idea. I do thou use a full sized stone in my houses gas oven all winter long for making pizza and it works famously. With a one to two hour preheat at 550*, what turns out of there is better than 99% of all take out.

    Link to my photo album:

    Link to my build: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...nia-19366.html


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      Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

      What I am currently doing on the gas grill is that I bought 9 half size fire bricks (1-1/4" thick). They were the same price as the full bricks from the masonry supply ($1.50 a brick)
      I place them down directly on the grill and crank the 4 burners to the max.
      When I had the full size fire bricks, it took at least 45 minutes to heat them up to about 400 degrees. As I cook they get a little hotter.
      With the half size brick I don't have to preheat that long and they are about 560 degrees after 30 minutes of preheating.
      In the font of the grill where there is no fire bricks, I place some hickory chips in an aluminum foil to give a smokey flavor.
      I made a short video the other day.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiKMYKLUJuo
      On the picture I am using the full size bricks. On the video it is the half size bricks.
      The dough is crispy and soft. Every body loves them and they keep saying that I should open a pizza joint...
      Hope this helps.


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        Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone? & dough Qs

        Thanks much for the replys. Is there an advangage to the fire stones over a thick pizza stone? How long does it take to cook? - must be a bit of time if you are getting your hickory to start smoking

        I had thought about trying to get another stone at the top of my grill to get some heat going down - this is what I do in my home oven - but this wouldn't be as easy to do in my grill. I think I'll try raising up the stone about half ways to see if that will make the top cook faster and giving it lots of time to preheat.

        While I'm hear I had a question about dough - I made two different batches - Mr. Reinhart's Napoletana one and a batch of NY style from www.seriouseats.com - "The pizza lab" - I think that was the name of the article. I don't have a digital scale so went by volume - the second was much moister than the first - almost to the point where I'm wondering if it will be usable without adding flour - but it is drying out some now that I have taken it out of the fridge for a 2nd rise. How can you judge by feel as to how wet the dough should be? The NY one said to four the balls for the second rise - for the Neo one I oiled them - guess this will help the NY one dry a bit - any advantage to using oil vs flour?

        Thanks again.
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          Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

          My choice of the firebricks is because I am currently building my WFO so I have a bunch of them on hand. It costs me $14.24 with tax to get the grill prepped. I cannot get a thick pizza stone for that price.
          If I break a brick, it cost me $1.50 to replace.


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            Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

            Sorry, I forgot to address the cooking time.
            It takes 10 minutes or less to cook a pizza.


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              Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

              Makes sense to use what u have. I like the idea of adding some wood smoke. Il give that a try.


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                Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

                I tried BBQ pizza. First one I cranked up the BBQ as high as it would go. All burners and the infrared at the back on high. I put the stone on two bricks turned length wise. Crust burned black in about 3 min. The top was completely raw. Not good for pizza or the controls on my BBQ which started to melt.

                After chilling it down a couple of hundred degrees I tried again with only the burners on either side if the stone on. Worked well. Crust and top came out golden after about 8 min. Not pizza oven quality I'm sure but far better than my oven ever turned out. I threw in a few chunks of hickory right on the flame - thanks for the idea - was a nice touch.

                The wetter NY dough worked well. Guess wet is good. I also followed the sites instructions to mix in a food processor. Was incredibly easy. Almost felt like cheating.

                Thanks again for the ideas.


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                  Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

                  This is the recipe I use: How to Make Pizza Dough - YouTube
                  I start to cheat a little bit by having the mixer take care of everything.
                  Once the dough doesn't stick to the bowl I take it out and mix it by hand like on the video.
                  The different thing that makes wonders for me is that after I roll the balls I place them in a 4 cups round container, put done olive oil on the bottom and rub it on the walls them place the ball in it for a few days.
                  I take it out 2 hours prior using it.
                  Ever since I did that, I can now stretch the dough by hand and rolling it on the fists. The center is paper thin.
                  Before I never used to proof the dough in the fridge and I had to use a rolling pin to stretch it and it would shrink right back.
                  I know we all have our way of doing things and we think it's the way it ought to be.
                  I don't use volume, I weight it in grams.
                  I use bread flour. Either King Arthur or gold medal.


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                    Re: How to set up a gas grill for a pizza stone?

                    Thanks. I'll check out the video. I do usually proof in the fridge. I just heard though why - the slow allows the gluten to develop without all the kneading. The food processor batch hadn't been kneaded at all - it was way too wet but after a night in the fridge it was fine. I would imagine a few days rest would develop even more gluten and flavour. I may never use my stand mixer again!