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Rain Cover for my Primavera

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  • Rain Cover for my Primavera

    I found a great rain cover for my Prmavera! I ordered it the other day from Amazon and a drone delivered it 18 minutes later. Ok, I'm kidding about the drone. That whole thing has me quite perplexed though! Next day delivery is no longer fast enough? haha

    Anyway, here's a link to the cover. It fits "perfectly" as far as coverage. It's a round patio table cover. It's nice because it has vents to allow it to breath, is waterproof, and has an elastic bottom that cinches up right under the oven bottom. It would be nice to have an official cover that is fitted, but for a rainstorm, this will do.

    I understand FB used to offer a cover, but as a non-perfect "perfect" option, this one seems like a winner. We're expecting rain here in LA tonight/tomorrow. It's BIG news baby! Now I'm ready.

    Here's the link: Amazon.com: Classic Accessories Terrazzo 58202-EC Patio Table Cover, Round: Patio, Lawn & Garden
    Last edited by Brad English; 12-18-2013, 10:55 AM.

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    Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

    Hi Brad. I just bought the oven and can't wait to fire it up. I checked out the reviews regarding the cover and someone mentioned that in the hot summer the resin from inside the cover sticks to the items covered. In this case it was a table. :confused


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      Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

      I'll have to watch out for that! Thanks for the update. I'll be sure to post if I find any issues. I suppose putting a plastic tarp under it for longer term storage may help prevent anything like that, but that's an added step.

      You will be very happy once you get that thing fired and cured and ready to roll! Good luck and be sure to post some pics of your concoctions! I'm away for a couple of weeks and I miss my Primavera!

      I just had some wood fired "bbq" oysters at a place in New Orleans - OMG! I think this will become a new obsession and once I master them, you'll be seeing them show up on Pizza Quest on some pizzas!

      Gotta see if anyone has any recipe info on them. The place is called Cuchon in New Orleans.


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        Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

        Hey Brad. Thanks for replying. Man I did not realize there are so many people into the WFO!! I did some snooping around....check this web site

        The Yen of an Epicurean

        Stay tuned...hope to post some picture



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          Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

          Brad did you ever have any problems with the resin sticking to the oven using this cover? Or did you just put a tarp underneath?


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            Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

            I used the cover all summer and did not have any problems. It was great! Mind you I live in Toronto and the sun may not be as strong as the California sun.


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              Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera


              So far, this cover works great - no resins sticking to the oven.


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                Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

                Perfect - thank you both.


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                  Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

                  Hello FB community,
                  A modern wood oven is installed using high tech insulation, which holds the heat in when the oven is cooking and keeps the cold out. We have many photographs of ovens working in the snow on Fornobravo.com, and because of the insulation, the snow does not melt on the outside of the oven enclosure.

                  It is important that your oven is installed properly, using the insulation that comes with the Forno Bravo modular oven kits, and that it is installed with a waterproof enclosure.

                  Your main concern is keeping moisture out of the oven. If any were to get inside, you'll just need to cure for a few days at a low temperature to bake the excess water out.

                  Feel free to contact Forno Bravo if you have any questions or concerns. Our tech support is always available to help.

                  We can be reached @ 800-407-5119 Mon-Fri, 8a-430p.


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                    Re: Rain Cover for my Primavera

                    Thanks Mod.

                    So I guess that answers my question over here: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f2/s...ven-21433.html

                    I.e. Assuming I can keep rain/sprinkler water from getting inside the oven it doesn't matter if it hits the outside.

                    When you say water inside, are you talking a significant amount I assume? Or any water at all? I assume the former as some sprinkler water may run down chimney depending on angle in which it hits the guard. But assuming I don't dump big buckets of water inside (which I'd never do) or an equivalent sprinkler/rain amount then I should be good. Correct?