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My P-60's first shower!

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  • My P-60's first shower!

    My Primavera 60 took a shower this morning!

    I recently threw one of those blue tarps over it when we had a rainy day in LA a few weeks ago. I woke up this morning to the sounds of some rain and found my P-60 out there taking it's first shower!

    I know FB used to sell covers and I did some research on the site about if I should be covering it or not. There are a few threads about this, but since it's new to me, I'm starting another!

    I put on a raincoat and went out to see how far the water was getting into the hearth or oven. It was all over the door and a little puddle was forming on the hearth. My concern is that the water would be leaking through the crack in the floor tiles and running inside.

    I got the tarp out and covered it. About 15 minutes later the sun came out! Haha

    I wanted to ask what other Primavera owners do with the rain issues. This wasn't a big rain, but should I do a small cure before going hot?

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    Re: My P-60's first shower!

    I don't own a p60 but I recon an ovens an oven. I recon you right about the hearth being the point were you'll get water ingress. The water will get down through those cracks between the hearth tile and then its in your insulation layer.
    It's not a biggy unless its had a full flooding, its just a case of taking it low and slow on those first fires. You might find them a bit smoky and the dome will not clear to bottom. But persist and it will come good. Leaving the door off especially if you have a dry wind would hurt either
    By the way that's a real handsome oven very clean lines and I do like that dark terra-cotta colour
    Regards dave
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      Re: My P-60's first shower!

      I cover mine. Bought a cover intended for a small patio set, as I recall paid about $25. Otherwise found the rain getting in, then i'd have to dry it out with fire. Was screwed once when I had company and oven wouldn't heat right, no more.


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        Re: My P-60's first shower!

        I think I will look for a cover. It doesn't rain much in LA, but when it does it can rain buckets! I am stressed a little after that little rain.



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          Re: My P-60's first shower!

          Rain is a funny thing. I stressed a lot about it recently, as I had the responsibility of finding 7000t of dry material to load on a ship. So there I was with a couple of big stockpiles and rain threatening. (putting wet bulk materials in a ship is dangerous and illegal everywhere in the world)
          I was stressing badly, when the brain decided to respond by analysing the situation calmly. Imagine a stockpile of dirt, a cubic metre might occupy a square metre of footprint. If the material has a bulk density of 2, not an uncommon number in my industry, then the cubic metre weighs 2 tons. Say I get 10mm of rain, that's ten litres of water falling on that square metre, or 2 tons of dirt. If all that rain soaks in and none runs off, my dirt's moisture level increases by 0.5%.
          Not significant in my situation, and I relaxed somewhat.
          How does this relate to your oven in the rain? Dunno really, except to say you probably have to get a lot of rain before you have a big problem, although I'd still cover it up if it was mine.
          They sure are a nice looking oven.


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            Re: My P-60's first shower!

            I just started a new link because I found a decent rain cover for the Primavera 60. I think it would work perfectly for the 70 as well.